LS Fest Texas 2023, Sponsored by eBay Motors: Complete Coverage From Texas Motor Speedway


LS Fest Texas 2023, Sponsored by eBay Motors: Complete Coverage From Texas Motor Speedway


It's that time of the year for the Second Annual LS Fest Texas. We moved the event up into cooler weather this year, but the track will be hot all weekend. The event kicks off at noon on Friday and Saturday, which runs through midnight. Stay tuned throughout the weekend for live coverage from all our racing events.

Click Here for the LS Fest Texas 2023 Results!


Drag racers are preparing to fly at the Holley LS Fest Texas, where they will take on the “pit road raceway” at the Texas Motor Speedway. Normally a haven for NASCAR Stock Cars to refuel and get fresh tires, the TMS pit road will serve as an unprepped eight-mile track that will be both fun and challenging to navigate. Today and tomorrow drivers will compete in a variety of classes including SDPC (Scoggin Dickey Parts Center) Small-Tire Unlimited; Drag and Drive NA; Texas Speed & Performance Drag and Drive Power Adder; Truck & SUV; Grudge Test-N-Tune and Stick Shift / Banger. And a quick tour of the pits revealed everything from stock crate LS and LT engines to heavily modified and boosted combinations making over 2,000 horsepower! All classes will run Heads-Up, eight-mile with “Instant light” start with a win light only finish, no times will be posted. Adding to the excitement, the track surface will receive none of the typical preparation. This means no glue or artificial “rubbering in” that is common at drag strips. Water burn outs (single burn out only) are allowed. Click the photo to visit the drag racing coverage!

GRAND CHAMPION: Sponsored by Scoggin-Dickey and Motor Life

Participants are welcome to run strictly one form of "grip racing" (such as autocross or Track X), but Grand Champion participants get to run all forms, including autocross, Track X, S3 Challenge, and drag racing. Then, scores from each racing form are combined with car-show scores, where they're rated on their build quality. This opens the doors for a mix of competition. Click the photo to visit the Grand Champion coverage!

CAR SHOW: SPONSORED BY Hooker Blackheart &

No matter the location, Holley LS Fest is a celebration of all things LS (and current-Gen LT) and this weekend at the Texas Motor Speedway the stars can be found in the Hooker Blackheart/ Car Show. Vehicles we spotted already include all types of our favorite GM-powered machines including many that were never born in a Chevrolet, Buick, Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Cadillac or GMC assembly plant. Click the photo for the photo to visit our car show coverage!

DRIFTING: Sponsored by Tire Streets & GM EFI Magazine

Inside Texas Motor Speedway’s 1.5-mile oval is a road course that doubles as the Track X and drift course. It features slight banking and high-speed corners, and new this year are extra seats for improved spectator viewing. Drivers pit inside the NASCAR garages for fans to get up close with the teams. The stakes are high as podium finishers earn bragging rights and receive enticing rewards. With over $2,500 in cash prizes, participants can take home a significant chunk of change. In addition, top performers receive coveted Holley gear, while their victories are commemorated with custom-etched trophy steering wheels provided by Grip Royal. Click the photo to visit the drifting coverage!

Autocross, Track X, and 3S Challenge

The one place for all our coverage designed for turning and gripping! Click the photo for the photo to visit our Autocross, Track X, and 3S Challenge coverage!


All the tire slaying, parts breaking action from LS Fest Texas 2023! Click the photo for the photo to visit our burnout competition coverage!

LS Swap in 3 Hours - Texas Speed at LS Fest Texas

They're affordable, versatile, and have plenty of aftermarket support--we should know. But there's also an entire community based around the LS/LT engine. It may be redundant to list the benefits of Chevrolet's modern pushrod V8, considering we're at LS Fest Texas, but there's still a reason so many love'em.

Our friends at Texas Speed and Performance (TSP) challenged themselves at this year's LS Fest Texas to swap an LS in a 1977 Camaro in three hours. With the help of friends and passersbys, they pulled the Camaro's original small block in record time.

Going in its place is a Texas Speed and Performance 427 Brawler with 11.1 compression, a custom camshaft, and TSP Titan intake. It should make around 680 hp. They're using a variety of Holley swap components for the 1970-'81 F-body, making it an easy swap. This includes the engine mounts, cross member, oil pan, and Hooker Blackheart headers. The engine also features the Holley mid-mount accessory kit and the Flowmaster universal air intake.

It took the team 3 hours and 15 minutes to swap out a 50-year-old powerplant and then make a 7-second pass.

The team decided to leave the recently refreshed Turbo 350 in the car. "It should hold this power level, but as with any power upgrade, you always find your weak points pretty quickly," said Luke Haley, the Product Manager at TSP and the Camaro's owner. "So, we'll find out."

"If all goes as planned, we'll be grudge-racing two Texas Speed Camaros tomorrow," said Luke...

And they did. The Camaro, with a mild tune and little setup, made a clean 7.27 at 100 mph 1/8th-mile pass. The team is happy with the result, but the car has more left in it.

The Camaro's previous best time was 8.30 ET, and the goal is to break into the 6s. "We're within striking distance," said Luke. The car went a full second faster its first time out.

They plan to install a nitrous fogger system and dial in the setup for better ETs. If you're curious, check out Texas Speed and Performance's YouTube channel for more updates on the car.

Thursday Evening Kick-Off Party

LS Fest Texas kicked off Thursday night with the Wynrock Speed Shop's Kick-Off Party at LS Fest Texas, sponsored by LSX Magazine. The party provided an electrifying start to the event, leaving a lasting impression on participants and spectators alike. It set the stage for an action-packed weekend, promising even more exhilarating experiences to come. It serves as a calm of camaraderie before the storm of competition. The tailgate party outside the track featured an array of LS-swapped vehicles, drifters, and an impressive fleet of Corvettes. The Kick-Off Party served as a hub of enthusiasm, fostering a sense of community among attendees who shared a common passion for speed and automotive craftsmanship. From the moment the event commenced, it was evident that the LS Fest Texas participants brought their A-game.

As the track opened its gates, participants eagerly queued up to unleash their LS-powered machines on the legendary Texas Motor Speedway. The track, with a length of 1.5 miles (2.41 kilometers), and banking ranging from 24 to 28 degrees, added an extra element of challenge and excitement to the track laps--even though they weren't full-speed.


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