LS Fest Texas 2023: Drift Challenge


LS Fest Texas 2023: Drift Challenge


Holley LS Fest Drift Challenge: Sideways Action in the Lone-Star State

The Tire Streets and GM EFI Magazine Drift Challenge at LS Fest is not just another pro-only event or a professional licensing series. It's an electric mix of talented drivers and amateurs. It doesn't matter what type of vehicle you have; if it's rear-wheel drive, meets our Tech and Safety Requirements, and is powered by an LS or current generation LT variant, you're eligible for competition!

For us, the Drift Challenge has become an integral part of one of the largest automotive events in the nation, Holley LS Fest. It's a privilege to house this great drifting competition, where the LS platform appears to be the powerplant of choice.

Inside Texas Motor Speedway’s 1.5-mile oval is a road course that doubles as the Track X and drift course. It features slight banking and high-speed corners, and new this year are extra seats for improved spectator viewing. Drivers pit inside the NASCAR garages for fans to get up close with the teams.

It's an extraordinary gathering curated for over a decade, fueled by the love for the sport and the constant pursuit of improvement. This unique event occurs in various regions across the country, and its popularity continues to grow.

The stakes are high as podium finishers earn bragging rights and receive enticing rewards. With over $2,500 in cash prizes, participants can take home a significant chunk of change. In addition, top performers receive coveted Holley gear, while their victories are commemorated with custom-etched trophy steering wheels provided by Grip Royal.

It's worth noting that participants who emerge victorious in multiple events are eligible to win only one jacket, heightening the anticipation for these coveted prizes. Fortune Auto, Kansei Wheels, Simpson Race Products, and Tire Streets contribute to the impressive lineup of sponsors, offering additional prizes and opportunities.

Participants can win enticing giveaways, while outstanding content creation prospects and comprehensive event coverage add to the allure of LS Fest Texas Drift Challenge.

2023 LS Fest Texas Drift Competition Results – Presented by Tire Streets and GM EFI

A lightning delay Friday pushed qualifying to Saturday during the heat of the day. Qualifying results:

  1. Nate Hamilton
  2. Jake Wise
  3. Jack Davis
  4. Kevin Gorke
  5. Reno Patrick
  6. Josh McGuire
  7. Javi Martinez
  8. Zach Ferris
  9. Grant Anderson
  10. Gugene Feygelman
  11. Greg Kmiotek
  12. Max Fuerst
  13. Zach Dyson
  14. Arthur Krastins
  15. Brandon Carter
  16. Jason Buchanan

The first round went between rookie driver Jason Buchanan and grassroots veteran Nate Hamilton. Jason only started drifting eight months ago. “After [Drift Week 7], I decided to dedicate myself and to step up, go further, and this is a part of it," said Jason. "While I'm happy I qualified for the field, my first battle is with Nate Hamilton. He's kind of a mentor for me, so it's nerve-racking." Jason's ride is an LS1/T-56-swapped '89 Mazda RX7. The LS1 features headers, cam, and tune.

LS Fest Texas brings out a mixture of veteran drifters and up-and-comers. "What sets us apart is we have a wide range of amateurs to pros," said Nick Swann, Holley's Drift Competition Coordinator. "There's never been a disappointing competition."

Out of 25 entered, drivers must qualify to make it to the Top 16 shootout that starts during the day and ends under the lights. "As it turns to night, the track grips and the drivers get dialed, especially as we get into the Top 8 and the drivers really get into the groove," said Swann. "It's a traditional competition format, but we approach It from a more fun, relaxed, and free style," said Swann. Time constraints are looser than a typical drift weekend, "we're here to put on a show for the fans, just as much as a competition."

Nick Hamilton's spirits were high all weekend. "I'm feeling good, and the car's feeling really good. The crowd is growing. I'm stoked," said Nick after qualifying in the top spot. Nate's former Formula Drift Pro car is a 240 SX with a 630whp Golen Engine Service LSX. It's backed by a G-Force 4-speed and Winters Performance quick change rear end. Hamilton took home the win Saturday night against Jake Wise in the finals to packed grandstands. Podium finishers were awarded over $2,500 in take-home money, Holley gear, and custom-etched trophy steering wheels provided by Grip Royal!


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