Make Your Heat Problems History

By: Sean B. | 04/11/2013 < Back to Motor Life Home
Are you suffering from burnt spark plug wires or plug wire boots? This can happen when the engine compartment reaches sustained high temperatures or because of the proximity of your plug wires to your headers. This is a common problem with endurance racing, high powered truck or van engines and recreational vehicles. The perfect remedy to keep your wires and their boots protected from heat while maintaining maximum performance is a combination from ACCEL. Our ACCEL Extreme Heat ceramic boot spark plug wires feature our high performance 500 Ohms/ft 8mm Ferro-Spiral core RFI suppression wires with ceramic boots on the spark plug end, heat resistant to 2000° Fahrenheit. The double silicone construction that insulates the wire resists up to 600° Fahrenheit, but you can double that heat resistance to 1200° F with ACCEL pro sleeve wire guards. Make your heat problems history with this perfect combination from ACCEL! Browse ACCEL Ceramic Boot Spark Plug Wires
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