Manufacturing the Industry's Best Performance Head Gaskets

By: Sean B. | 01/16/2012 < Back to Blog Home
Mr. Gasket MLS cylinder head gaskets utilize high-grade stainless steel material. Each layer is individually formed using state of the art laser cutting and an optimized embossment formation process. Our embossment formation process uses soft radius forming to improve conformability and reduce stress points in the head gasket, resulting in superior wet-out (embossment contact area). All head gasket layers go through a proprietary tempering process to significantly reduce stress points in the gasket after the embossment forming process. This stabilizes the gasket, the result is reduced cylinder bore distortion and improved combustion seal around the cylinder bore. Our proprietary polymer coating is applied after the tempering process and ensures uniform coverage of the outer layers providing no break in the coating. This process ensures the micro-seal of engine coolant/oil fluids.
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 X  2020 Hemi Engine Sweepstakes