MSD Releases Cam Sync Distributor Plugs For Ford Engines

By: Todd Veney | 02/15/2018 < Back to Motor Life Home
MSD Cam Sync Plugs install in place of the distributor to drive the oil pump on wet-sump applications and provide a Hall Effect cam-sync signal for a sequential EFI system and coil-per-cylinder ignitions. Compatible with Holley EFI and other aftermarket electronic fuel injection systems, they're available for three different Ford engines – 289/302s, 351C-460s, and 351Ws. The big-block Ford 460 version comes with a bronze distributor gear, and the 289/302 and 351W Ford Cam version use a steel gear. MSD Cam Sync Plugs feature a CNC-machined billet-aluminum housing with a black anodized cap and a built-in LED that makes setup and indexing fast and easy. For coil-per-cylinder engines, they provide precision control of your entire ignition system, allowing each coil more time to recharge for a hotter spark – especially at high rpm, when firing times are reduced. Eliminating the distributor and spark plug wires also reduces RFI noise, leads to fewer misfires, and lessens the resistance along the path between each coil and spark plug.

See detailed product information for 289/302 Cam Sync Plugs.

See detailed product information for 351C/460 Cam Sync Plugs.

See detailed product information for 351 Cam Sync Plugs.

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