New Weiand Fabricated Oil Pans Now Available For Fords!

By: Todd Veney | 01/26/2017 < Back to Motor Life Home
Weiand has strengthened its already impressive line of fabricated oil pan kits with all-new designs for numerous Ford engines, including one for the popular 351 Cleveland/351 Modified/400 platform. There's also a huge new seven-quart pan to make it easier for Fox body Mustangs to accommodate a 351 Windsor powerplant. Engineered and developed for racing in general and drag racing in particular, these aren't just oil pans – they're complete kits that include the application-specific fabricated pan itself, a high-volume oil pump, a pickup, a three-piece gasket set, easy-to-understand instructions, and all the fasteners you'll need for a fast, hassle-free installation. Available in your choice of black-painted or gold iridite-coated finish, they feature trap-door baffles to keep the oil where it belongs under acceleration and increased capacity designed specifically to keep the oil systems in high-performance applications fed properly. For a detailed look at the complete linup of Weiand fabricated oil pans in both finishes, click here.