MSD Releases More Distributor Choices For your Engine

By: Miguel Angel Tapia | 03/10/2016 < Back to Motor Life Home
Ford Distributors Features 1. Specially designed for the All Aluminum 409/509 Block 2. Maintenance-free magnetic pickup never requires adjusting 3. Built-in ignition module delivers a powerful spark 4. Simple and clean three-wire installation 5. Includes built-in Rev Limiter
Pro-Billet Ford Distributors With Steel Gears For all of you Ford enthusiasts with a hydraulic roller camshaft in your Small Block or Big Block engine, be sure you have the right distributor gear for your cam! Street drivers to weekend drag racers anyone using a roller camshaft, no more having to deal with doing the gear change yourself or having to set up your press...MSD makes it easy to stab and go! MSD now offers a line of Ford distributors that are supplied with the correct steel gear for use with hydraulic roller cams. Not only do you get the correct gear already installed, but this distributor delivers incredible strength and precision with its CNC machined billet housing. For high rpm stability, the distributor shaft is guided by a sealed ball bearing while a proven, maintenance-free magnetic pickup produces accurate trigger signals. For tuning, the distributor features MSD's easy-to-adjust mechanical advance and is supplied with different springs and stop bushings. Complementing the mechanical advance, there is also vacuum advance that can aid in economy as well as idle and other driveability aspects. These distributors require an MSD ignition control such as a 6AL or 7AL2 and are available for the following engines:

PN 84771-Ford 351C-460

PN 84781-Dist. Ford 351W

PN 84791-Dist. Ford 289-302

Ready-To-Run Chevy Distributor For 409 Aluminum Block

MSD now provides the spark for the new retro all aluminum W-block. This distributor is Ready-to-Run which means you just need to connect three wires to fire up the engine. No external ignition controls are required. It has a powerful module built into the housing. This module produces a stout inductive spark that will improve the overall driveability and performance of your classic Chevy.

PN 83931-Chevy 409/509 Aluminum Block

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