MSD's New Black Power Grid Controller

By: Miguel Angel Tapia | 04/28/2016 < Back to Motor Life Home

FEATURES • USB connection for ease of programming. • Timing based on engine rpm, gear value and time. • Advanced individual cylinder timing based on gear or time. • Five retard stages for nitrous. • Four steps of rpm limits for burnout, spool, launch and overrev. • Output switch set on rpm, pressure or time. • Shift light settings for each gear. • Ignition data acquisition records multiple runs. • Crank Trigger system highly recommended.

PN 77303


DIGITAL OPERATION The MSD Power Grid System Controller uses a high speed RISC microcontroller to control the ignition’s output while constantly analyzing the various inputs such as launch, burnout, and step wires; trigger signals, rpm, and CAN-Bus data. The high speed controller can make extremely quick updates to the ignition output, timing, and rpm limits while maintaining +/- 0.1° timing and +/- 1 rpm resolution. The circuits and controller of this system have been designed for superior protection against Electro Magnetic Interference (EMI).

The Power Grid System Controller, PN 7730 / PN 77303, is designed to be used with the Power Grid-7 Ignition Control, PN 7720. This is a high output CD ignition control. The Ignition System allows for the System Controller to be mounted on top of the Power Grid-7 to save space and provide a neat, compact installation. The System Controller can also be used with other MSD Ignitions such as the 7AL-2, MSD 8-Plus, and the Pro-Mag series. In order to use the rev limiting features of the System Controller the paired ignition must have a built-in Soft Touch Rev Control that uses plug-in RPM modules. Pages 10-12 show wiring diagrams for a variety of different ignition options.

MOUNTING The Power Grid System Controller should be mounted in a sturdy, dry location that does not expose the unit to extreme heat. It is designed to be mounted on top of the PN 7720 Power Grid Ignition. Be sure to mount the Power Grid System Controller so the USB connector and Micro-SD card are accessible. The unit comes with thread-turning (aka. Self-tapping) screws that will cut into the walls of the pre-drilled holes on the top corners of the Power Grid-7. If the Power Grid System Controller, PN 7730 / PN 77303, is not being mounted on top of the Power Grid-7 the unit should be secured with the supplied hardware.

Note: Insecure or otherwise improper mounting of the unit could result in damage or failure. Always make sure the unit is dry, avoids unnecessary excess vibration, and is not exposed to extreme heat.

MSD VIEW The MSD View software controls all of the functionality of the Power Grid System Controller. The following information gives a brief explanation of each function or feature in the system as well as the settings that control it. While using the program, hover the mouse over a Function to display a brief explanation. When the system controller is connected to a PC via USB MSD View will automatically recognize it and load the settings stored in it.

Note: Ensure that MSD View is installed on the PC prior to connecting the Power Grid Ignition Controller.

INSTALLATION OF THE VIEW SOFTWARE 1. Insert the installation CD Rom into the CD drive, wait up to 30 seconds, the CD will auto run, IF THIS DOES NOT OCCUR:Locate and open the CD Drive.Double click on the Setup file. 2. Select “Click here to Install Version X.XX”. 3. Once loaded, your monitor will have an MSD View X.XX logo. Accept the agreement. Drive the installation to your program files folder, press the enter key. The installation will complete, select OK. 4.A window will be opened with two aliases, double-click on the MSD View alias to launch the software. 5. Connect the system controller via USB. If the software does not recognize the controller and auto-connect, manually select the Power Grid in the popup window and click Connect.

Note: The View Software can be downloaded from

SAVES AND TRANSFERS Using the Power Grid System Controller changes are in real time if the computer is linked to the ignition.You can create and save numerous files on your PC and transfer them for testing purposes or to use for various locations and conditions.

The following instructions will go through a general description of the use of the Power Grid System Control following the tab system that you will see in the software.

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