New HyperSpark Ready-to-Run Distributors Easily Add Ignition Control to Sniper EFI


New HyperSpark Ready-to-Run Distributors Easily Add Ignition Control to Sniper EFI


Electronic fuel injection is one of the best upgrades you can make to an older engine in terms of drivability improvements. Yet, to really gain the most out of any EFI system is to complement the electronic fuel injection system with electronic timing control. For Holley Sniper EFI users, there’s a new, easier way to accomplish ignition control through the ECU - the new HyperSpark Ready-to-Run Distributor.

Holley Sniper EFI has had the timing control feature since its inception, but it required a CD ignition such as the HyperSpark CDI or a similar MSD 6A ignition control. While there are benefits of a CD ignition, many enthusiasts prefer the simplicity of a distributor and coil, which is exactly where the new Ready-to-Run HyperSpark Distributor comes in. This distributor features a high output inductive ignition module as well as the Hall-Effect trigger signal that is required to control the ignition timing.

The new HyperSpark Ready-to-Run Distributor is the easiest way to take advantage of your Sniper EFI's electronic timing control. No external boxes are required, setting up the sync signal and timing is simple, and the built-in ignition provides plenty of spark.

“The HyperSpark Ready-to-Run Distributor is the easiest way to achieve timing control through your Sniper EFI system,” said Colin Kinser of Holley. “The distributor produces a stout spark output for engines up to 450 horsepower and thanks to the unique Holley phasing cap, the EFI sync signal and timing of the engine is easy to set up.”

Inside the cast aluminum distributor housing is an ignition module that delivers a powerful current to an external coil. The HyperSpark Coil, PN 556-152, provides a direct plug-in fitment, but a classic canister style coil can also be used if you prefer to retain a factory appearance. Just below the ignition module, there is a Hall-effect style pickup and precision shutter wheel to provide the triggering of the ignition as well as the sync signal for the Sniper or other EFI systems that accept a Hall-effect trigger.

Several of the key components of the new HyperSpark Distributor include an efficient ignition module, a Hall-effect sensor, accurate shutter wheel, and the patented clear rotor positioning cap.

To make installation a breeze, including the EFI sync signal and timing, the distributor is supplied with Holley’s patented clear phasing cap. The cap slips over the rotor and aligns the rotor with the distributor housing – all while simultaneously setting the correct crankshaft reference angle and conveniently identifying the location of the spark plug wire for the #1 cylinder.

Connecting the distributor is straightforward as well thanks to the supplied harness. Once the system is wired, all that's needed is to ensure that the firmware is up to date and the "Ready-to-Run HyperSpark Distributor" option is selected from the appropriate drop-down menu.

The Ready-to-Run HyperSpark Distributor is topped with an injection molded rotor and cap with a screw-down wire retainer. The cast aluminum housing provides a secure and aesthetic foundation for the electronics to be housed in.

While originally designed for the Sniper throttle body based EFI systems, the new HyperSpark Ready-to-Run can be used with the Terminator X, HP, and even Dominator EFI for engines running timed sequential fuel strategies. The distributor is available for Chevy V8s, Ford small and big-blocks, and Mopar 318, 360 and 426 Hemi applications.

“For everyone that wanted to run timing control through their Holley EFI system but didn’t want to mount an external CD ignition box, the HyperSpark Ready-to-Run Distributor is the answer,” Kinser added. “Simple installation and setup topped with a powerful spark. It’s a win-win for performance enthusiasts.”


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