RacePak Unlocks The Full Potential Of The V300SD & V500SD!

By: Skylar Drake03/25/2020 < Back to Blog Home

The new Racepak V300SD and V500SD products include all of the features and benefits of their successors, but now also include built-in pre-configured data analysis channels allowing you to make quick decisions based on real data between rounds at the track. Additionally, the expanding product lineup will now include both easy-access and securitized loggers. The easy access version removes the need for security keys allowing you to review data on any laptop using DataLink V5 software. Securitized logger models are excellent for multi-car teams that need to keep track of several different log files throughout the course of an event.

V300SD Kits

Part NumberDescriptionChannelsHarness StyleType
200-KT-V300SD1GV300SD KIT, Door Car, Easy Access83 TotalDoor Car - Sportsman, Pro Stock, Pro ModifiedEasy Access
200-KT-V300SD1SV300SD KIT, Door Car, Securitized83 TotalDoor Car - Sportsman, Pro Stock, Pro ModifiedSecuritized
200-KT-V300SD2GV300SD KIT, Universal 20ft Harness, Easy Access83 TotalUniversalEasy Access
200-KT-V300SD2SV300SD KIT, Universal 20ft Harness, Securitized83 TotalUniversalSecuritized
200-KT-V300SD3GV300SD KIT, Dragster, Easy Access83 TotalDragsterEasy Access
200-KT-V300SD3SV300SD KIT, Dragster, Securitized83 TotalDragsterSecuritized
200-KT-V300SDMGV300SD KIT, Motorcycle, Easy Access83 TotalMotorcycleEasy Access
V300SD KIT, Motorcycle, Securitized83 TotalMotorcycleSecuritized

V500SD Kits

Part NumberDescriptionChannelsHarness StyleType
200-KT-V500SD1GV500SD KIT, Door Car, Easy Access71 TotalDoor Car - Sportsman, Pro Stock, Pro ModifiedEasy Access
200-KT-V500SD1SV500SD KIT, Door Car, Securitized71 TotalDoor Car - Sportsman, Pro Stock, Pro ModifiedSecuritized
200-KT-V500SD2GV500SD KIT, Universal 20ft Harness, Easy Access71 TotalUniversalEasy Access
200-KT-V500SD2SV500SD KIT, Universal 20ft Harness, Securitized71 TotalUniversalSecuritized
200-KT-V500SD3GV500SD KIT, Dragster Easy Access71 TotalDragsterEasy Access
200-KT-V500SD3SV500SD KIT, Dragster Securitized71 TotalDragsterSecuritized

Learn How To Set Up Your Own Data-Analysis Channels!

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