Stan Hunter's "Pure Junk" '23 Bantam is Anything But!

By: Todd Veney07/30/2017 < Back to Blog Home

Stan Hunter's "Pure Junk" altered is a low-buck car in the best sense of the word. John Baker and Mike Skeen originally built it on the floor of Skeen's basement nearly 40 years ago, and the frame rails themselves were the only new components on the entire car. Everything else was used – really used. It's a '32 Austin Bantam roadster – the second-most popular kind of altered in drag racing, behind the ubiquitous '23-T Fords that have been packing drag strip pit areas since the 1960s. To keep up with NHRA's stringent safety-certification standards, Hunter had a new roll cage put on the car in 2009. Hunter, a 46-year-old hot rodder from Christiana, Tenn., has been racing the car for nearly 20 years. Since he began running NHRA's nostalgia series regularly he and his car have racked up numerous top-five finishes in the national points standings. The car now has a 388 cubic-inch small-block Chevy, which puts out enough power to make it "black track" on the second half of the quarter-mile at the Holley National Hot Rod Reunion at Bowling Green. Click the play button and check out this vintage piece!

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