TD3 Now Supports Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392


TD3 Now Supports Jeep Wrangler Rubicon 392


If you’re looking for tuning, monitoring, and on-the-fly controls, the TrailDash 3 is Superchips’ most versatile device. TD3’s preloaded tuned files open the option to enhance peak engine power by up to 14 hp and 16 lb.-ft of torque with the 93 octane Superchips Tune, as well as one for 91 octane fuel, both of which also improve MPG, and the Crawl tune for real off-roading. Our purpose-built Crawl tune features a recalibrated throttle curve (controlling the engine response to pedal input) that is linear, for precise modulation while easing over steep obstacles at low speeds.

TD3 uses a 5″ high-definition screen with upgraded processor for fast reading and writing to load performance programs, and boasts a high refresh rate ensuring smooth animation for the customizable virtual gauge display. The recommended software for updating is available for Window and Mac computer, but contains Wi-Fi capability when there is no computer access.

Tuning any Jeep vehicle built in 2015 or later requires an unlocked PCM to allow reading and writing of files, but Superchips has made this step as painless as possible with the included PCM swap. When you take delivery of your new Flashcal kit, submit this form and we will send an unlocked PCM up front for quick installation and no vehicle down time: PCM Cross Ship. A return shipping label will be included to send your original PCM back as a core trade-in.

NOTE: A Gateway Bypass Module (included in kit) must be installed while any adjustment or tuning is being performed on your Jeep JL.

Tune NameOctaneHPTQ
Superchips Tune931416
Performance 9191811

Optional User Adjustments to engine tuning:

  • Speed Limiter, Raised
  • Speed Limit in 4×4 Lo, Raised
  • Throttle Booster -20%/+20% sensitivity over stock or base Superchips tune
  • Electric Fan Control by Target Temp, 150-230 degrees F
  • Idle Speed, +/- 400 RPM from stock
  • Rev Limiter in Drive, lower 900 or raise 200 from stock
  • Rev Limiter in Neutral, +/-600 RPM from stock
  • Fuel enrichment at WOT (Wide Open Throttle), 20% leaner or richer than stock or selected Superchips tune, 1K-7K RPM
  • Mean Brake Torque (MBT) Spark at WOT , +/-10 deg. over stock or base Superchips tune, in 1K-7K RPM
  • Spark Advance at WOT , +/-10 deg. over stock or selected Superchips tune, in 1K-7K RPM
  • MDS Disable

Quick Options (changes that can be made without reloading a tune):

  • DRL Mode Selector: Headlight in High or Low/Turn Signal/Fog/Euro-Fender
  • Traction Control Disable
  • Factory Fog Light Switch Enable, adds to existing controls if not originally equipped*
  • High Beam Fog Lights Cutout Disable, allows simultaneous use of fog lights and high beams
  • One Touch Turn Signal Enable, one tap triggers 3 blink signal
  • Sway Bar Module Disable, for aftermarket or deleted bar*
  • TPMS Thresholds, Front and Rear axles independent, in 10-56 psi.
  • Speedometer calibration, Tire Height, 20-44”
  • Speedometer calibration, Axle Gear Ratio 2.56 – 5.00


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