Turn a Tedious Chore Into a Breeze With Earl's Solo-Bleed Brake Bleeders

By: Todd Veney | 07/08/2019 < Back to Motor Life Home

Earl's Solo-Bleed Brake Bleeders make bleeding your brakes a one-man job. A built-in plunger with an attached spring that opens and automatically closes when you release the brake pedal purges any air, leaving nothing but pure brake fluid in your system. 

To use them, just replace your stock bleeder screws with Solo-Bleeds – they're direct replacements that screw right in in place of the OEM bleeders. Start at the caliper furthest away from the master cylinder, remove the rubber cap, screw the Solo Bleed in until it bottoms out, then back it out one full turn. (Don't forget to attach a rubber tube and a catch can to make sure that any excess brake fluid, which is very corrosive, doesn't make a mess all over your floor.)

Then just press the brake pedal to the floor, release it, and repeat the process until all the air is gone. Next, remove the rubber tube and catch can, replace the rubber cap, tighten your Solo-Bleed securely, and move on to the other three calipers. That's it! It really is just that easy to use Earl's Solo-Bleeds, and they're available for virtually all popular applications, in 18 different variations.

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