How to Install a Sniper EFI Race Intake on an LS Engine

By: Todd Veney | 09/28/2017 < Back to Motor Life Home
In this video, Jeremy shows a thorough, step by step install of a Holley Sniper EFI fabricated intake manifold on an LS engine. Instead of choosing just any ol' car, he uses the bone-stock LS1 truck engine out of one of his own vehicles – "Stuie," his prized '51 Studebaker pickup. Before you start ripping parts off the engine, use a wire brush to clean all the areas where the existing manifold meets the cylinder heads and blow it off with an air gun so that no debris can fall down into the intake port. Then remove all the electrical connections, vacuum lines, connections to any sensors, and anything else that will keep you from lifting the old manifold off the top of the engine, and take off the fuel lines. Remove all 10 bolts that hold the intake to the heads and lift it straight up. Shove a rag into each of the eight intake ports to make sure that nothing falls into any of them. Test-fit your new Sniper intake and make sure all 10 holes line up with the corresponding holes in the cylinder heads. Install the O-rings into the grooves – it's a lot easier than a messy gasket ever was. Determine which holes in the bottom of the intake need plugs, and install those. Then bolt on the intake – all the hardware you need is already included – and be sure to use Earl's anti-sieze on each so they'll come out as easy as they went in. Don’t tighten any of them completely until all of them are screwed in finger-tight. And when you do the final install, start from the inside out, torqueing all of them first to 44 inch-pounds and then to 89 inch-pounds. With the intake torqued on correctly, it's time for the fuel rails, crossover tube, and mounting brackets. Install the injectors (don't neglect to use a little O-ring lube) and then the fuel rails. Be sure the side with the chamfered hole faces outward. The mounting brackets go on next, and with these make sure that all the fuel rail bolts are lined up before you do any final tightening. Secure the fuel rails first, then the brackets that hold it all to the intake. Install your AN fittings (with oil to prevent galling), getting them hand-tight first, then a quarter-turn more with a fitting wrench. The crossover tube follows that, and swiveling ends will make the job a lot easier. Now all you have to do is install the injector harness and make all the fuel-line connections, and the job's done. Be sure to check back often for more on this project.

See detailed product information for the complete line of Sniper EFI fabricated intakes.

Chapters: - Fuel Rail Kit Install - Sniper EFI 92mm throttle body install - Valley cover install - LS Steam Tube Adapter kit install

Products used: Sniper EFI Race Series Intakes Earl's Pipe Sealant Earl's Nickel Graphite Anti-Seize Earl's Copper Graphite Anti-Seize Sniper EFI 92MM LS Throttle Body Idle Air Control Motor Throttle Position Sensor Intake Components and Fuel Rails Valley Covers Valley Cover Bolts Valley Cover Bolts - Hex Head Earl's LS Steam Tube Kit Earl's LS Steam Tube Kit

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