Sniper EFI Releases Dual Plenum Intake Manifolds For LS Engines

By: Todd Veney | 11/05/2018 < Back to Motor Life Home

Holley/MSD is pleased to announce the release of Sniper EFI Dual Plenum Intake Manifolds. Developed specifically for LS engines and available for both cathedral-port and rectangular-port cylinder heads, they feature dual plenums and dual throttle bodies in a unique, innovative design. One tapered plenum accommodates one entire bank of cylinders; the other plenum feeds the other side. This means the entire volume of incoming air in each plenum is distributed to just four cylinders, with the tapered shape increasing the air velocity directed to each intake runner. It simultaneously solves two problems common to lesser intakes: increased airflow and even dispersion to all intake ports.  

100% TIG-welded, Sniper EFI Dual Plenum Intake Manifolds are perfect for naturally aspirated setups and twin-turbo applications that need to build torque from low- to mid-range all the way to 7,500 RPM and beyond. Their extremely long runners (12.75'') develop plenty of low-end torque and, coupled with the dual plenums and throttle bodies, boost power across the entire RPM spectrum. They're available for both LS1/2/6 engines and LS3/L92s and come in your choice of a silver or black-anodized finish and your choice of a 92mm or 102mm throttle-body opening. 

See detailed product information for the complete line of Sniper EFI LS Dual Plenum Intake Manifolds.

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