2022 Holley LS Fest East presented by eBay Motors: Complete Coverage From Bowling Green!


2022 Holley LS Fest East presented by eBay Motors: Complete Coverage From Bowling Green!


Holley's LS Fest East is on! Beech Bend and NCM Motorsports Park...as well as the whole of Bowling Green, Kentucky...is alive and well with the sounds of LS and Gen-V LT-powered machines prowling around. As the staff prep the dragstrip and the corner workers lay out the cones for the autocross, the sounds of cam-driven exhaust notes, turbocharger whine and vehicle preparation kicked off the moment the sun crested over the horizon. We are looking forward to a fantastic weekend of racing, including the new-for-LS Fest Off-Road Challenge, with several different tracks, including two different technical courses and an Ultra 4/Pro 2 style course, and the Hooptie X Challenge crew. And that's in addition to the drag racing, autocross action, drifting, the 3S Challenge, the car show, the burnout contest, the manufacturer's midway and so much more. Tons of fans and racers are filling out the fields, the pits, and the stands, so stay tuned as we bring you all of the action!

LSFE22 Camaro Drag Racing

LSFE22 Human1

LSFE22 ebay motors golf kart

Scoggin-Dickey Parts Center and Engine Power Presents Drag Racing

LS Fest is where the fastest LS-powered vehicles in the country converge on the drag strip, and 2022 competitors are bringing the heat! Friday kicked off with a test n tune session that saw all kinds of vehicles take to the staging lanes to dial in their combos. Later today will kick off first-round qualifying, and eliminations will follow shortly after. Check back often for photos and results.

QA1 and Lateral-G Presents The Autocross

The autocross action at LS Fest 2022 is heating up. Big power and big tires are the norm and the competition is smokin' fast. Corvettes, Camaros, are here in spades but the ranks of creatively swapped vehicles, trucks, and other, wild rides are copious! Friday marked the first day of autocross competition and it is shaping up to be a very tight, race! Check out the gallery of diverse, LS-powered rides and check back often for updates and results!

B&M and Grassroots Motorsports Presents The Road Course Time Attack

The Road Course Time Attack section of the 2022 LS Fest East event is designed for drivers who want to hone their skills, lap after lap, on NCM Motorsports Park's West Course. This non-competition event puts drivers in a similar skill level together on 20-minute sessions. Instructors are on-hand for novice drivers who aren't familiar with the infamous Turn 12, also known as "Deception" corner.

Michigan Motorsports and S3 Mag Presents The Drift Challenge

The Drift Challenge remains one of the most popular events at the 2022 LS Fest East event, and the driver count nearly doubling from last year solidifies that argument. For the first time at LS Fest, the drift competition will run a full top 32 competition instead of the traditional top 16 from years past.

Boxo USA Presents The Bolt-On Challenge

One of the reasons the LS engine platform is so popular is due to how well the engine responds to modifications. How many times have you heard about how a cam, valvesprings, and a couple of overactive hair dryers can turn the average junkyard truck engine into a dragstrip hero? Plenty of times! With that in mind, we wanted to give anyone who wanted to challenge themselves and the clock the opportunity to bolt some speed and dress-up parts onto an LS engine on Friday and Saturday. For a goal, Boxo USA stepped up and provided tasty prizes for those who posted the best times.

PSI and LS1Tech Presents The Car Show

Tour the show fields of Beech Bend Raceway Park and check out the wide variety of show cars parked up for judging. See anything you like?

ADS Racing Shocks and Flowmaster Presents The Off-Road Experience

For the first time ever, LS Fest has incorporated a wild off-road segment into the mix. Crawling, pre-running, and genuine fun in the sun is this weekends dusty theme. Hooptie X is here proving street cars can give fair chase off-road and that having fun doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Also in attendance are plenty of professionally built rigs that bump the speed and excitement into the stratosphere. Check back often for photos, standings, and updates.


Sometimes, it's important to take a step back and remember that what we do, despite the moments, of blood, sweat, tears, and an unbridled passion for the automobile, is a hobby. It should be fun. It should make us smile, and build up a community of like minded gearheads who love cars like we do. Enter the LS Fest 2022 Power Wheels Downhill competition. This is all about fun. Take a scroll through the gallery and enjoy a chuckle at the creative, hilarious, and off-the-wall gravity-assisted machines.

1982 Volvo 244

Take one Swedish brick, an LS6, and the supercharger off of a Cadillac XLR-V (among other goodies) and you end up with David Dantonio's 1982 Volvo 244.

2006 Honda S2000

The Honda S2000 is famous as a little sports car with a high-revving screamer of an engine. So...yes, there is an LS6 and a Tremec six-speed. It might not rev to nearly 9,000 RPM, but there is no question about having a power-dense powerplant.

Velocity Exo

Meet the Velocity Exo. It's a kit car that was originally designed to use a Volkswagen 1.8L engine. Later versions used the Audi 4.2L V8. This one? How about an LS1 with a BTR cam that is pushing 385 horsepower through a Porsche Boxster transaxle in a 1,900lb cage on wheels?


After a rotated lifter wreaked havoc in their 4.8L at last year’s LS Fest, brothers Blane and Austin Darling and their father, Abe, put a junkyard 5.3L into their 1989 Chrysler Conquest.


Lindsay Gallahue and her husband own Fairway Automotive in St. Louis, where they repair all kinds of hot rods and daily drivers. For her personal hot rod, Gallahue chose this 1971 Datsun Z, which she purchased around seven years ago. As customer cars come first, the car, which was always bought specifically as an LS swap candidate, was finally completed in early 2021. Its 5.3L V8 was pulled from a Chevy Silverado and is now topped by a Holley Sniper intake and runs Holley Terminator EFI.


A week before LS Fest East, Kyler Millershaski’s 2013 Camaro SS was completely stock and was not cut out to compete in the dirt-slinging HooptieX competition at LS Fest East. Now, after a LiftaBrand extended front struts, 32-inch-tall tires, and a light bar, it’s. . . well. . . still not exactly cut out for sending it full speed over the jumps.


If automotive action is what you crave, LS Fest East has plenty of it to go around. Do you like the more traditional outlets, like drag racing and road racing? Do you like fringe element action, like Hooptie X rallycross and the downhill Power Wheels race? Oh, we see...you are one of the hardcore. You want screamin' engines, spinnin' tires, glowing exhaust, fire, sparks, and absolute mayhem. We don't have to ask if the burnout contest is popular...the crowds in the stands the moment they think the burnout contest is ready to go tells us how you think. With Chad Reynolds and Westin Champlin working the crowds, a fleet of deviants ready to let their engines howl at the moon pulled into the oval track of Beech Bend Raceway Park. As soon as they pulled into the marked-off zone, all bets were off and the fate of the tires was sealed.


When Greg Carnforth and his brother were looking for a project car to build, he wasn’t looking for a Volvo initially, much less a four-door wagon, but his family had a history with the brand. When this one came up for sale, he and his brother travelled to Dallas, Texas, and managed to get the long-sitting car in running condition and drove it back to his home in Louisville, Kentucky.

HP Tuners and Bangshift.com Presents The Dyno Challenge

The dyno at LS Fest East 2022 is innocuous enough. A set of rollers on a trailer sit just off of the asphalt, with a folding table sitting nearby. How could that be a threat? Well, a lie detector is simply an overrated graphing machine up until you're hooked up to it, under the lights and under the gun. The dyno works the same way...the moment your car is strapped down the computer is hooked up, there's no going back. You may have been claiming 600 horsepower, but are you really pushing that kind of power through the rear wheels? There's only one way to know, and the truth will come out. For participants, it's a free dyno session so long as you sign up early enough!


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