LS Fest West 2023, Sponsored by eBay Motors: Complete Coverage From Las Vegas Motor Speedway


LS Fest West 2023, Sponsored by eBay Motors: Complete Coverage From Las Vegas Motor Speedway


Las Vegas, we have missed you. We have missed the glittering lights and wild times of The Strip, we have missed the sunny southwestern desert climate, and we have missed the sounds of fighter jets screaming overhead from Nellis Air Force Base as we stand at the top of the The Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Holley is back in Las Vegas for LS Fest West 2023 and we are ready to kick off a weekend of racing and automotive action that has endeared itself to fans the across the country and even the world...and the fans seem to agree, because Grand Champion, Autocross, Drift ad the Donut Pit were ALL SOLD OUT before the start of the show!

LS Fest West offers participants and fans to enjoy the broadest range of events at an LS Fest, including:

Results And Awards

LS Fest West 2023 has come and gone, and what a weekend it was! By far the largest LS Fest West turnout we've ever seen, the show went off better than we could've expected. Thank you to all of our sponsors who continue to make these events happen, thank you to the media who continue to support Holley events, thank you to the racers who travel the world over to attend our events, and thank you to the spectators who come in to join in the's for you that we continue to bring you the best in automotive fun! Don't forget that LS Fest Texas in Fort Worth is less than a month away, and that LS Fest East, Holley MoParty and Holley's Intergalactic Ford Fest events will all go down in Bowling Green, Kentucky this September.

2023 LS Fest West Grand Champion Competition

Some are content to win at one thing. Others want to prove that they can win everything. The Grand Champion category at LS Fest West is for the latter. Using one set of DOT-legal tires, our Grand Champion competitors have to push through the drag race, the autocross, and the 3S Challenge. Sounds easy? It isn't. The competition in the Grand Champion competition historically is fierce and close. Every thousandth of a second can count, and the points from each event will add up to determine this year's winner. No pressure whatsoever, right?

Drag Racing

What is the main draw of late-model GM engines? They make monstrous power on the cheap, that's what. Whether you spent the coin on a new Z06 Corvette with the psychotic 5.5L flat-plane crank or you dumped several paycheck's worth of money into the engine that was raided from the wreck of a Tahoe for your $300 1980s-era dragstrip surprise, GM's engines have been a performance bastion ever since the C5 Corvette appeared on the scene with the LS1 hidden underneath it's hood. Spray it and pray, add boost and hope for the best, or leave it gulping in whatever air is available and rev it as far as you dare...the LS and Gen-V LT will deliver.


Behold, a parking lot filled with "Citri conum", better known as the common orange traffic cone. Known for congregating in flocks on warm asphalt surfaces, orange cones (as they are commonly known) are flocking at LS Fest West 2023. These relatively unflappable creatures will have an exciting weekend ahead of them, as drivers are going to be weaving around them at speed while testing their vehicles' accelerating, steering and braking ability.

3S Challenge

"3S Challenge"? That's right...Speed, Stop and Steering. Drivers need to have a good handle on all three aspects if you want to win. This event is run in a side-by-side down-and-back course that starts with a drag race-style start, incorporates a 180-degree turnaround, a slalom, and ends at a stop box. Each "run" will take the total time from a driver's left and right-side run plus any penalties accumulated. All runs must be clean, too...which means that if you want your time to count, you can't hit a cone. You wouldn't hit a poor, defenseless little orange cone, would you?

Track X

Fast speeds don't solely exist on the Strip at Las Vegas Motor Speedway. The Track X section allowed LS Fest West 2022 participants to take their vehicles onto a road course-style track that features a couple of autocross-style gates and a slalom course to keep things interesting. This allows for speed but doesn't push the car to the limits of handling. But don't think that it is a slow, technical course...triple-digit speeds are possible! If you want to see corner-carving with speeds, the Road Course Track X is your jam!

Drift Challenge

Drifting has always been a staple of Holley's LS Fest events, but for LS Fest West 2023, the drift community rolled out in a big way. We're talking a field of drivers large enough that we were able to run a Top 32 ladder! While it's not hard to see the appeal of bringing your ride out and sliding around Las Vegas Motor Speedway's pit, the sheer numbers meant that what normally would be open drift sessions no longer order to end on time, we had to get down to business immediately!

Dirt Destruction

Off-roading is huge in the Southwest, and a lot of the builders don't care what makes the power, so long as it makes power reliably and cost-effectively. Sound like a perfect recipe for a lot of LS-swapped off-road monsters? You had better believe it. From Kevin Butts wheeling a roughly Volkswagen-shaped monster known as "Jaws" to trophy trucks flying just low enough to be under the Air Force's radar, the Dirt Destruction show at LS Fest West provides that tasty Southwestern flavor that we've come to love.

Car Show

The car show is one of the highlights of LS Fest West. It is open to all LS-powered vehicles, including cars, trucks, and even motorcycles. Participants can enter their vehicles in various categories, such as Best in Show, Best Engine Bay, and Best Paint. The competition is fierce, and the level of creativity and craftsmanship on display is truly impressive.

Dyno Challenge

There is just one thing about all of the free-flowing horsepower that the LS and Gen-V LT engines have created: the fish tales that get told in the pits. The numbers that seem to be plucked out of thin air. Your car makes a thousand horsepower? Two thousand horsepower? AT THE TIRES? Huh. Okay then...prove it. NOS and sponsored the dyno for LS Fest West 2023. Want to know who really posted up big numbers?

World Record Limo Jump

The 1993-1996 Cadillac Fleetwood proved to be popular with limousine manufacturers, since their full-frame design made for a robust platform to start with. "But this is LS Fest...these cars didn't come with an LS in the engine bay!", you yell. And you're right...the best option for an engine for the Fleetwood was the LT1 V8, good for 260 horsepower. Stately power back then, barely enough today. But with a ramp and enough nitrous, we suspected that a Fleetwood would fly pretty well...

2023 LS Fest West Sweepstakes Trip Winner

From the moments we opened the gates at LS Fest West 2023, we knew that the show was going to be something to behold. And for Don Brown, the winner of our 2023 LS Fest West Trip Sweepstakes, getting the opportunity to check out the show on the company's dime is all the sweeter. A lifelong gearhead with a penchant for tri-five Chevrolets and circle-track race cars, he entered the contest believing he actually had a fair shake of a chance. Now he's soaking in everything that LS Fest West has to offer!


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