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1969 Chrysler300

By: David 04/24/2020

Restored to original condition. #matching and date code correct. Heavily option w/ pwr. wind., cruise control, a/c 375 HP package, bucket seats w/ console, trunk release, A/M/FM 8 track stereo, optional road wheels, power antenna. Here are the details I left out of the original post. Stripped down to a bare shell Repainted in Land Rover White. Hand pin striped in the original tri stripe. Bumpers rechromed and stainless steel trim restored to original condition. Seat panels repaired and new seat buns installed. Heater box removed, repaired and foam seals installed. Grill and bumper surround was removed, stripped of paint. Repainted in argent silver and satin black. rear tail lights were given the same treatment.

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