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My 4th Monte ... This one's a keeper!

By: Mr.Black 08/13/2019

Growing up my father had a red early 70's Monte with Hella lights and a CB radio.

During college I bought an '84 Monte as a driver and immediately began plans for upgrades, some I did, most I didn't

In 1995 I bought an '87 LS, did more upgrades than to the '84, but not everything.

Around 2009 I found my current '87 Monte LS and since it had the SS interior and suspension from the factory that I always wanted, this is the one...This one is getting everything I always wanted to do to the other Monte's...this is The One I'm Keeping Forever.

It was in near excellent condition inside and out, but because of a blown transmission I was able to buy it for a budget friendly $500.

Good thing, because I've put a LOT more than that into it over the last 10 years!!

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