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Old Man's Second Favorite Pair...

By: JIM 11/28/2020

I got my driver' license in 1963 and don't remember there being a single Corvette in our county in southwest Virginia at that time. I do remember seeing my first coupe in the Chevrolet Dealer Showroom in Roanoke shortly after its arrival. I also remember my Dad questioning the future of any car that cost more than most people's homes that we knew back then. Times have changed! I've owned the ragtop since 1985. It was hit in the front so replaced the frame with a rust-free piece and completed a total frame-off during the three year plus project. The matching numbers 327/300 is painted and on a stand between the cars. Currently powered by a custom built 350 that was supposed to go in another hot rod project that never happened about twenty years ago. Kept waiting on the coupe prices to go down but afraid I would run out of calendar time before that ever happened so finally bit the bullitt in 2018 and bought this car that also is not powered by the original engine. It is an excellent driver with PS, PB, and Vintage Air. We believe it was originally a Fuelie so my goal is to return it to that, although probably via Holley's Sniper System.

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