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By: Ian 08/20/2019

Ok.. the story goes.. I had a 680whp 2003 Cobra that I owned for like 8 years and built it to do anything and everything I ever wanted to do with the car. It was one hell of a ride and I regret having to sell it but family priorities (buying a house) come first. Once the decision to sell the Cobra was final I told the wife i wanted a project car... 

So I started the search for a Nova. I found a few 2 doors at the time (for more money of course) and with the family and the fact that no one builds 4 doors I decided the extra door in a 2nd Gen wasn't too ugly so I started looking. 

Quickly I found a couple options but they were snatched up quickly or the seller had some issue as they typically do. The one I ended up purchasing was no different as the seller "didnt know what a title looked like" that was not a good start... Anyway we haggled prices, i looked it over and the cancer didnt look TOO bad. The best part was it had a rebuilt v8 and was a driver so everything was either missing or worked lol..

The original plan was to get the car, keep it running, and just drive it and one day drop a full suspension, aluminum block ls/t56, new interior, and all the other items to make it how I wanted.. Little did i know that the first burnout with the car would set me down a path not even I can see the end of yet...

The build process:

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