Stick w/ Earls

By: David 10/04/2019

So, yeah, I was driving along and started smelling gas, I thought it was the car in front of me until it turned and I still smelled it. Then I noticed some droplets on the passenger side windshield, then I noticed a lot of droplets on the passenger side windshield and then noticed gas was just shooting out of the passenger side hood - like something you'd see in Mad Max lol- luckily I was a block from home so I hurriedly but carefully got to my driveway and shut the engine off immediately. Gas just poured out everywhere until apparently the 60lbs of pressure was gone :-)

I opened the hood and couldn't immediately tell where the leak was until I moved a couple fuel hoses and this happend:


The 90deg Connection was a cheap knock-off brand and just cracked for really no apparent reason that I could tell.


I had an Earls 90deg before w/ a hose end connection that did have a reason to break when I was off-roading and the engine rocked too far to the passenger side and hit the fuel line connection on the wheel well, but it just bent and kept on working.


So in conclusion, I'm going to be sticking with Earls Connections :-)


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