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found this car in someones yard rotting away

By: Deric 12/13/2019

First off I wanted to say I've wanted a 1969 Camaro RS for as long as I can remember, I'm thankful my wife is excited to go through this journey and help me restore this beautiful car. Also I want to thank Holley for the place to store a time-lapse and idea board for my build. I am currently deployed to the middle east with the army and I am slowly getting parts together for my dream. I recently purchased an almost turn key engine and transmission for the car to build around. I am going with a Gen v LT1 6.2L with a 8L90E transmission. I'm not sure What size rear end gears I'm going with yet. I am in the process of saving for all new sheet metal for the car, I will be installing every piece and all of the body work with my wife in a small building (22x30 foot). I will be delayed at times due to having to save for parts and tools. I am a full time mechanic for the Army, I have worked and tinkered on motors and fabricated small things my entire life but I have never taken on a job this large before, But this is what I've always dreamed of and couldn't ask for anything more. I know I could have spent the money that it will cost me to replace all the metal on the body of this car on a decent looking roller but there is something telling me to build this from the ground up and knowing its mine.

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