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The Yellow Car

By: David 02/18/2020

The yellow car began its involvement in my life around 1998. My cousin had acquired the car in high school. It was powered by a 302 and a small Procharger. The car progressed through the years to become an 8 pt caged mid 7 second 1/8 mile street car until the late 2000’s when it began a transformation to a super stock class car. The project was never completed and I purchased the car as a roller. Within the first day the car made it in the shop it was stripped completely of all of its body panel, suspension, cage and anything else that could possibly be removed from the car and the build process began. A 25.3 cage was fabricated and installed. After the primary drivers surround of the cage was fabricated and sat into the car, a few months went by and interest in the car was lost. The car was sent to tin soldier race cars to complete the chassis. As the chassis was finished, myself and friends assembled every other piece of the car. From installing x275 legal front pans, carbon fiber rear floor, suspension, and all things necessary to get the car rolling. We decided on a 5.4 modular power plant with a TH400 trans to back the motor. Holley dominator efi was then added to control all vehicle operations. In x275 1/4 mile trim, the car has since been 4.43@160 and 6.88@199.

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