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High School Car

By: The Professor 04/10/2020

Bought this in 1974: $400.00. Eat your heart out!

Drove the crap out of it until 1980. Then I started treating it right.

Pulled the motor. Bored it .030 over, added forged pistons and an H.O. Racing cam.

Had it balanced.

Ported the 670 high compression heads using instructions from H.O. Racing.

Put a Tri-Power from a '66 Grand Prix on it. Paid $100 for the entire complete Tri-Power. Everything was there. Still is! Eat your heart out again.

20 years later. Gave my son rides in it.

These days he is into LS Motors with boost and nitrous. 1000 HP Corvette in his garage. Mission accomplished!

40 years later. Yep, the Grandchild was a boy!

Where his cars go, they won't need roads!

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