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Richard's F-Bum Camaro

1979 Chevrolet Camaro

Berlinetta LS Swap


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  • Color: Patina
  • Horsepower: 536
  • Drivetrain: RWD
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  • Vehicle Overview

    The Fbum Camaro. At the first Ziptie Drags/3K Hooptie Challenge I took the cruise with the Roadkill gang and tried to get my Nova in 3K. It was not allowed for good reason. But was all in good fun getting Razzed by the Fellas from Roadkill. Loving Roadkill I knew if they were to come back I would build a 3K Car. When they announced It I went on the hunt for a project car. I found this camaro for 350 on craigslist. Picked up the biggest engine I could from the junkyard, Which was a Vortec 8.1 which also was 350 oddly enough. Got a trans for 200. and pieced the car together using crap laying around. The car at the Time was 8.1/th 400 Stock converter. 8.5 rear Mini spool. 2.41 gears. 26 in tall tires and 150 shot of Dry Nitrous. Upon First fire I found the 8.1 was in the junkyard for good reason. Bad Rod knock. So i pulled the pan. Hand polished the crank with sand paper and shoe string. Put in the biggest bearing I could get and still had a slight knock. Because of this I changed my plans of driving this car to Cali for the cruise and loaded it up on a dolly and attempted to tow it with my Nova around the block. One trip around the block told me BAD IDEA. So I had my Father in law drag the F-bum down to his place closer to the track on the dolly. I took my Newly turbod Nova again to Cali for the cruise and my Novas 6.0 gave up new Indio CA, It lived a long life under the hateful hand of Nitrous. The care was never tuned and was done. We Had my Father In law unload the F-bum from the dolly. Come tow my Nova back Home where we were passed by the Roadkill guys in the Ugly Truckling on their way to Tucson. Friday night we got the Nova Home and overnight Swapped in a junkyard 5.3 that I had laying around which would become the future F-bum engine. 9am Christopher Ryan Jumped in my Nova fresh from the Engine swap and drove it down to Tucson. While I towed the Fbum down with the Dodge in the pic Ready to Battle even with the knock. When we showed up to the track there was no tech available to look at the car. We pleaded and eventually got a hold of one of the Roadkill gang and they got us in. The moment I paid to get in the rain came and ruined the entire weekend of racing. AGAIN. We drug the F-bum back home. I pulled the crank to get it polished and hopefully get it right. It was .080 under. Roadkill announced 3K Hooptie Challenge TV show coming and I was accepted. So with the choice of spending 6-800 for an 8.1 crank or just dropping in the 5.3 that I had and known it ran it was simple. Problem was I had weeks to get it done. I dropped the engine in. Decapped injectors, cheap turbo. Used my nova ECU, which had the completely wrong tune. Drove the car around with the same stock converter/2.41 gears and from a 40 roll the car was an animal. So I figured "We Good" wrong. I had one trip to Taco Bell on the car before I drug it down to Tucson and got destroyed by a Saab. In the burnout box the car shifted into second and stayed there. I never hooked up the electric kickdown. I took off in 2nd gear on its first ever pass at the track. I got about to the 330 with me trying to shift between second and first trying to get it to down shift. When it did it got full boost about half track and i wasn't able to catch up. I got full boost and looked up to see him Pumping his fists out of his convertible haha. I was out run and not ready at all. When I got home the wife's Van 6.0 self destructed leaving a kids B-day party. Needed an Engine I pulled the f-bum engine for that. I picked up another 5.3/60e for 600. Donated the 4l60e to the Punishtang and Borrowed a 4k converter, installed a ford 9in with 3.55 gears. Same Turbo setup but got it tuned. Blowing through the converter it put down 463 rwhp. First test pass at Ziptie it ran 12.9 and was just getting the hang of it. Second Pass the car that ran before me pushed a freeze plug and I hit that mess on the big end and put the car in the wall on the big end. But Still Ran 12.5 backwards against the wall. Luckily the rediculously wide wheels and slicks saved the car from destruction. I had to put the Cooper Cobras back on the car to run 3K Hooptie now. I couldn't leave on any power. Couldn't get any traction. Ended up losing but ran 13.0@119. Driving the car back home with the 4k converter I burn the trans fluid badly. After this I had the freshened and installed an off the shelf 350.00 Hughes Converter. And borrowed Christopher Ryan Drag radials. Instead of ever testing anything I loaded up the car and headed to LS Fest. Getting two miles down the road I realized there was no third gear. LOVELY. So i Drove the car to Vegas with basically no Third. It wouldn't shift into under power and anything under 65 it wouldn't stay in third. I raced Dane Thompson in the Maliboom 1/8 mile and was still able to run an 11.8 in the quarter. I have the trans fixed I think. again i haven't tested it fully. I need to replace my wheel bearings in the back prob due to hitting the wall.

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