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1967 Shelby Cobra

Base Small Block Ford Swap


Build Points


  • Color: Red
  • Horsepower: 400
  • Drivetrain: RWD
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  • Vehicle Overview

    started life as a '67 Shelby Cobra kit. I've converted it into my idea of what Daytona prototype might have looked like if a Cobra had been converted vs. Pete Brock designing an entirely new Daytona Coupe. Rear split window is a period tribute to a split-window Vette. Added a "Gurney Bubble" for myself in the hardtop that I built.

    Future Plans

    I'm always tinkering. Fabbed up a full roll cage. Raised the roof so I could drive it on the track w/ the roll cage and the hard top on instead of it being open. Fabbed up a rear wing. Some traditionalists will hate what I've done but I'm just trying to update a car that has always had beautiful lines, even though it was designed over 50 yrs ago. Also got some plans for the engine. Got some aluminum Ford racing heads; had 2.20/1.60 valves put in them and a port job. Plan is ~11:1 compression. Would love to get to 450+ hp.

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