1967 Chevy Pickup Project: Custom Shop Truck - FINISHED VEHICLE

By: Bill Tichenor | 10/10/2010 < Back to Motor Life Home
Garvin Lane Photoshoot
We decided to shoot the truck on Garvin Lane here in Bowling Green, KY. Just outside of Beech Bend Raceway, this road was lined with trees and offered a great location to showcase the truck. Into the Sunset Rolling Shot Wheels Holley Shop Truck Logo Air Cleaner Top-side Interior
Simple American functionality. No power windows, no power locks, not even a passenger sun visor or side view mirror. Because it didn't come with a radio either, the only song you hear when driving the Holley shop truck is that of the hot–cam climbing through the revs. Stowed Away
The HP EFI computer used to control the engine in the Shop Truck is tucked behind the glove box of the '67.
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