1987 Pontiac Grand Prix - Project: G-Force One: WHEELS AND TIRES

By: Bill Tichenor09/10/2011 < Back to Blog Home
Wheels & Tires This Grand Prix started off life in 1987 and truth be told wasn't really built with high cornering speeds or a huge tire contact patch in mind.

That being said the wheel/tire combo is kind of lacking in this regard.

GA3R Front This project is taking a drastic turn from a run of the mill grocery getter to a blistering modern day performance car. One of the more apparent ways it's accomplishing this task is with the proper wheel and tire setup.

This car will see a lot of track time and when it comes to having a quality wheel, the new GA3R from Forgeline has what it takes to get the job done.

G–Force One will be riding on 19'' wheels wrapped in 265/35/ZR19 Michelin Pilot Sports in the front and 20'' wheels covered in 335/30/ZR/20 at the back.

Those Baer brakes you see peering out from behind the Forgelines are a six piston mono bloc caliper. After looking at the dyno sheet in the "Engine" section of the build–up, it's clear that the G–Force One is going to need a lot of whoa to combat the go!

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