'72 Nova vs. '77 Olds Omega: "Lame Off," Episode 4

By: Todd Veney12/13/2018 < Back to Blog Home

Inching closer in their quest to find the answer to the eternal question – what's lamer, a beat-to-hell 1972 Chevy Nova or waaaaay-past-its-prime '77 Oldsmobile Omega? – "Gnasty Gnome" Keith Jesse and "Superfresh" Michael Seymour attempted to lay down some rubber at Beech Bend Raceway Park. Both got behind the wheel of both cars, and one machine actually managed to smoke the tires. A little. Which one? Hit the play button and find out. The least-lame of the two will get a complete LS swap, hopefully run nine-second times in the quarter-mile, and actually end up being pretty cool hot rod.