Family Sport - Logan Duvall's Demolition Derby Car

10 min read

Family Sport - Logan Duvall's Demolition Derby Car

10 min read
Logan Duvall has worked for Holley Performance for just over a year. Little did we know that all this time he and his family were building one of the most serious demolition derby cars to hit metal with metal. At the same time he's been working on perfecting a brand new set of Flowtech derby headers that are now available. They are perfect for demo derby competitors, truck pullers, and mud racers alike!


Small Block Chevy 1-3/4" Upright Headers- Natural Finish
Small Block Chevy 1-5/8" Upright Headers- Natural Finish

Flowtech Headers are the perfect combination of quality and value. These Small Block Chevy Upright headers are available in 1-5/8” and 1-3/4” tube diameters and are ideal for even big cubic inch Small Block Chevy engines.


  • - CNC Mandrel-bent tubes provide consistent tubing diameters for smooth flow and increases the cylinder scavenging effect and improves engine breathing
  • - Heavy duty 16-gauge 409SS tubing for increased strength and durability
  • - 1-5/8” and 1-3/4” tubing diameters available for increased exhaust flow increasing performance and improved throttle response
  • - 3” collector for maximum strength and exhaust flow
  • - Extra thick header flange for a leak-free seal and maximum strength
  • - Welded-in collector merge spears to control exhaust gas re-entry into primary tubes


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