AMP’D 2.0 for Full-Size Ford Bronco


AMP’D 2.0 for Full-Size Ford Bronco


Amp’d 2.0 Throttle Booster adds instant pedal response for Ford’s new Bronco, at an amazing price!

Tuning your throttle response has gone wireless! Off the bat, Amp’d 2.0 is the most advanced, and one of the most affordable, throttle sensitivity controls on the market for Broncos. Amp’d 2.0 removes the lag between input at the pedal and the throttle’s reaction. This results in an often frustrating condition common with modern drive-by-wire vehicles. Total control of your engine’s response is as easy as pressing a button.

Two Options for On-the-Fly Control of the Ford Bronco’s Throttle Sensitivity

Our switch’s Bluetooth connection means no running wires through your dashboard. Application-specific plugs for the Amp’d module to the pedal no cutting and splicing wires. This exclusive hardware feature is included in the box. Further tweaking of settings can also be carried out through your smartphone with the included app.

Multiple Preloaded and Customizable Settings

Amp’d 2.0 is loaded with 5 preset modes. Not only that, thousands of possibilities are available with the feature to create 3 added custom curves. As a result, there are up to eight modes available from the driver’s seat. You paid for a powerful truck, and you should have full control over how it drives. Amp’d 2.0 unlocks a simple but important addition to user control. Let Superchips put unprecedented customization options into YOUR hands!

  • Wireless control switch included
  • All-new app for total control included with purchase
  • Fine-tunes the throttle’s response to suit your driving style
  • Completely eliminates pedal lag
  • Quickens turbocharger spool-up to get you into the engine’s power band
  • App compatible with Android and Apple IOS
  • 5 pre-set sensitivity levels included on the Amp’d module
  • Build and store 3 custom curves with the included app
  • Automatic and manual transmission compatible
  • 2.3L 4 cyl. and 2.7L V6

Don’t forget that the Amp’D 2.0 pairs perfectly with the Flashcal 1546 for better throttle response!


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