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By: Jeremy Stoermer | 06/07/2019 < Back to Motor Life Home

There’s nothing is more embarrassing than running out of fuel! So whether you’re off-roading and want to extend your adventure or just road tripping and decide to take the road less traveled, being prepared isn’t just convenient, it’s a necessity! Don’t chance your next off-road adventure with a cheap department store gas can. Trust Anvil to keep your reserve fuel supply safe and secure! Our high quality 5.3 gallon jerry cans are constructed of .9mm pickled sheet metal and lined with a rust preventative coating that’s oil, petroleum, and alcohol resistant. With 4 color choices they can be used for more than just gasoline. Pick up one for your gasoline, diesel or kerosene needs and then grab another for a dedicated emergency water supply! They’re EPA approved and CARB certified for use in all 50 states.

Anvil jerry cans use a unique bayonet style closure system that provides a leak-proof seal in any position. And the handy locking safety pin prevents it from being opened accidentally. The extra wide channel opening and internal breather pipe offers a fast fill rate and splash-free pouring, making it easier to use than other containers. Included with the Anvil jerry can is an easy to use spill-free spout that locks in place and the unleaded adapter is perfect for use on vehicles and equipment with a smaller filler neck opening. If your looking for a way to keep your jerry can secure? We offer a heavy gauge metal mounting bracket P# 2791AOR. It can be bolted or welded to a convenient location on your vehicle or haul rig. It’s even lockable to prevent any tampering, theft or any unauthorized use.

Why risk getting caught empty handed again, be prepared with a jerry can from Anvil off road!

For more information on our jerry cans or to see our full line of off-road accessories, visit our website at

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