APR Squeezes 911 GT3-Crushing Performance From A Porsche Carrera T


APR Squeezes 911 GT3-Crushing Performance From A Porsche Carrera T


Installation Video - APR K04.3 GTS Turbocharger System, Porsche 911 3.0T (991.2)

What's your perfect car? For Porsche enthusiasts, that's a loaded question. Is it the comfortable, refined Carrera? The all-weather grip of the Carrera 4? Maybe it's the communicative Carrera T or GTS? What about the track-oriented performance of the GT3 or the no-holds-barred wallop of the GT2?

With so many variants, Porsche offers a 911 for everyone. Well…almost everyone. Maybe the Carrera is your jam, but you just want a little more cowbell? APR has what those Carrera T owners who want to seriously fly while under the radar are looking for: the APR K04.3 GTS Turbocharger System.

The APR GTS Turbocharger System gives base-model Porsche Carreras the power they need to catch GT2 RS owners with their lederhosen down. How does 615 horsepower and 549 lb-ft of torque on 93-octane pump gas sound? (And if that's not enough, upgraded intercoolers can kick power up to 648 horsepower.) Think of it as the power to smack around a GT3 without the wings to telegraph your intent. Speak softly and carry a great big stick. Sleeper material.

How does APR do it? The APR GTS Turbocharger System bolts the 55mm factory GTS turbochargers in place of the 49mm stockers to cram more boost into the 3.0L engine, and the included Stage 3 ECU Upgrade makes the conversion totally plug-and-play! Owners can expect an additional 263 horsepower and 266 lb-ft over the base engine, and 244 horsepower and 223 more lb-ft above the S engine.

APR 2018 Porsche Carrera T Baseline Dyno Testing

Before putting this 2018 Carrara T under the knife, APR made a baseline dyno pull. It put 370 horsepower and 341 lb-ft of torque to the rollers of APR's in-house Mustang chassis dynamometer.

What's more, the APR GTS Turbocharger System isn't based on some random aftermarket turbos. The APR GTS Turbo System includes all genuine Porsche parts, including genuine OEM Borg Warner K04.3 Turbochargers, new gaskets, and O-rings. It's compatible with all the factory engine hardware, factory fuel system, and factory emissions components. The included world-class APR Stage 3 ECU Upgrade makes it all possible with just a few keystrokes.

The installation is straightforward and is easily carried out in your garage, or by one of APR's extensive network of professional installers. To see how APR's K04.3 GTS Turbocharger System beefed up a 2018 Carrera T, we had APR in Opelika, Alabama perform their magic. The changeover worked wonders for this Carrera T. The owner sums it up best:

"Previously, the car was what I'd call, "adequately fast". It is now an absolute beast, capable of hanging with some exotic cars with price tags two to three times of the Carrera T. On highway onramps, it pulls like a freight train in each gear and never tapers off. Around corners with the APR upgrades installed you must be prepared to drive the Carrera T like you mean it, and be ready for what happens next when you pin the throttle exiting a corner. Traction and stability control earn their keep! The car has been transformed from fun to exhilarating with the addition of just a few parts. Despite the large gains in power, the chassis still manages the power well and the chassis is never overwhelmed. Driving at the limit, the Carrera T now demands respect and attention from the driver. When you ask for the beans, it's going to give them to you, so you better be ready with both hands on the wheel. You’re in for the ride of your life!"

APR GTS Turbocharger System Porsche Dyno Graph

The dyno results of the APR's K04.3 GTS Turbocharger System are staggering. This Carrara T picked up 191 horsepower and 204 lb-ft of torque to the rear wheels over stock! That's a 52% increase in horsepower and a 60% increase in torque, all on 93-octane pump gas.

APR Carrera T Upgrade 2

Such a massive increase in horsepower without any decrease in drivability is what makes the APR K04.3 GTS Turbocharger System a fantastic upgrade for any 991.2-chassis Carrera T.


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