Builds A 1000hp LS Engine With Holley Components

10 min read Builds A 1000hp LS Engine With Holley Components

10 min read and author/engine builder Richard Holdener, decided to take your average junkyard 5.3L LS V8 and turn it into a dyno bending 1,000 horsepower small block stroker they call “The Cool G 383”. The 5.3L iron block was stuffed with a forged steel crank and rods from Procomp Elecrtonrics, JE forged flat top pistons and a high lift Crane hydraulic roller cam. A set of CNC ported Trick Flow GenX 255 heads were slapped on along with a Holley 750 Ultra HP carburetor for the baseline run. Steve Brule’ and the staff at Westech Peformance Group used their SuperFlow 902 dynamometer to test each power combo. The Cool G 383’s first pull resulted in 505 hp and 479 lb ft of torque. 

Round two of the transformation saw the addition of Holley’s Modular Mid-Ram induction system. This intake can go from carbureted to injected by removing, replacing or custom fabricating the top. This makes it extremely versatile and perfect for all the Cool G 383 possibilities. After switching to the Holley Mid Ram intake, dyno numbers were increased to 517hp and 483lb ft of torque. 

Next came the fun part of forced induction. decided to test several different turbos to see what kind of power gains could be made from each set up. To ensure accurate and easy tuning, especially in a high boost situation, a Holley Dominator EFI system was swapped in. The first turbo tested was the 76mm unit from CXRacing, resulting in 655hp and 632 lb ft of torque at just over 8 psi. The second Turbo tested was the CXRacing GT45 which made a very respectable and oh-so-close 882hp and 836 lb ft of torque. The 76mm Turbo from Precision Turbo was last in line in hopes of hitting the big G, and at last they were rewarded with 1,015 hp at 6300 rpm with a rising boost curve that peaked at 16.4 psi. Now all they need is an empty engine bay and some very serious traction control. 
For more information on this build, see the complete story HERE on's website.


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