Born to Kill Tires - 77' Blown LS Austin Mini

By: Ray Frescas | 05/14/2019 < Back to Motor Life Home

Its only job is to kill tires and look cool. We're back again here at Holley LS Fest, brought a new car this year, we had the po-mod here last year and we just decided to build something new to kill tires.

It's a 1977 Austin Mini. It's built around an Australian style burnout car. Wanted to have some fun and we really enjoyed the burnout contest and stuff last year at LS Fest so we decided to build something to come back in and make some waves. I wanted to base it on a 70's street machine, that was kind of the 70's street machine, new technology with the LS stuff and then an old British car.

Back in the day guys used to use Anglias and all those Morris Meyners and all that kind of stuff so it's the same idea, I just didn't want to build a drag car out of it, so I built a burnout car. Its only job is to kill tires and look cool. Tried on a new set of tires and I was hoping they'd have good smoke and they did because I couldn't even see when they were getting me to stop because I went for an extra 30 or 40 seconds, ran the car up to 280 degrees Fahrenheit and yeah, a brand new set of tires, one minute and 45 seconds, gone. Another ten seconds and they would have popped.

I dropped the body onto the chassis and cut everything out on February 9th of this year and we built the rest of the car in three months in the spare time of my shop after hours. I budgeted myself from midnight to 3 AM every day to work on this car after working of turbo cars and LS stuff. I do LS stuff every day and I just wanted to do something different, like most people would be happy having a turbo car and I have one of those so I was just like I have to challenge myself so this is how I did it.

I built all the adaptor pieces, I built everything, I built the whole car, it was sitting in a field and we turned it into this in three months.

When I was a kid, we used to have those muscle machines cars and they were the ones with the overgrown engine out of the top and the really messed up proportions, like the car was really short and narrow and then it had this big chrome blower motor and this is the real-life muscle machine.

The Holley Hi-Ram was actually the pivotal first part that made this whole car happen. We bought the Hi-Ram and then I bought the blower, and then I bought the car, and then it just snowballed out of control and now we are here.

We popped two tires today so we got two more to pop tomorrow, fresh set. I'll send the rods out.

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