Bright Earth 7" Round LED Headlights

By: Ray Frescas | 02/06/2019 < Back to Motor Life Home

Outfit your off-road only Jeep TJ or JK with Bright Earths 7” Round LED headlights. For better lighting and less amperage you just can’t beat Bright Earths LED lighting and with 1000 lumens on low beam and 1600 on high beam you can be sure these lights will light up your night! You can even set these up with amber turn signals in the headlights. The IP67-rated headlights ensure that dust and weather won’t be an issue either.

These Bright Earths LED headlights were designed as a bolt-on for the Jeep, but may also work on other vehicles that have 7" round headlights. These lights are about 3/4" deeper on the back than most traditional lights and will likely need some modifications for installation so be sure to check the dimensions. Whether your off-road racing, rock climbing, trail riding or hill climbing count on Bright Earths LED headlights to project extreme bright light! Remember these replacement headlights are for Off-road use only.

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