Bright Earth Automotive LED Headlight Bulbs

By: Ray Frescas08/29/2018 < Back to Blog Home

Holley’s Bright Earth LED headlight bulbs throw extremely intense light with very little draw on your vehicle's electrical system enhancing  visibility substantially. While easing the burden on your vehicle's electrical system, these replacement LED bulbs are very energy-efficient and will last you a lot longer than traditional halogen bulbs. These LED bulbs replace your old halogen bulbs and are easy to install. The ballast, voltage control, and current circuits are built into a compact heat sink for a clean installation. Using only 25 watts per bulb they produce 6000 lumens! The Bright Earth LED bulbs produces a Blueish White 6500 degree Kelvin color. Two color films can be added to change the light color –  the orange/yellow film creates a 3000 degree Kelvin yellow color for fog light applications while an 8000 degree Kelvin color produces a blue color for fog light or headlight applications. Most Bright Earth LED bulbs feature an adjustment screw that allows the bulb to be rotated to adjust the beam pattern on your vehicle. Two LED bulbs are included per package. Many late model vehicles may require a CAN BUS decoder. The LED Bulbs use so little energy that the vehicle computer thinks that the headlight bulbs might be burned out, these decoders will remedy that situation and correct any dash warning lights. If you wanting brighter headlights that last a lot longer and use less energy get some Bright Earth LED replacement headlight bulbs for your vehicle!