Bright Earth LED Light Bars

By: Ray Frescas | 01/25/2019 < Back to Motor Life Home

Light up your next off-road adventure with Bright Earth LED Light Bars! Whether its an UTV/ATV or your off-road jeep or truck gain some extra visibility on the trails! With its hybrid beam combination of spot lights and flood lights these compact, easy to install LED Light bars will brighten up those dark nights.

Available in various lengths from 7.5 inches to 54 inches (show chart on screen of all dimensions) and in flat or curved aluminum housing you’ll be sure to find one for your offroad vehicle. A Polycarbonate Lens protects the LEDs, and the front edge of the reflectors are available in black or chrome finish.

With a max total of 25,920 lumens and everything in between, you’ll sure to find the right Bright Earth LED light bar for you. Equipped with a waterproof connector and IP67-rated you can rest assured that dust and weather won’t be an issue.

The Bright Earth LED light bars use a Hybrid combination Spot & Flood Lighting to give a unique spread of light. Optional vehicle specific mounting brackets are available so placement options are nearly endless. Make your install that much easier using the optional Light Bar wiring harness! Available for single or dual light bar configurations. These wiring harnesses include a relay, switch, fuse, and waterproof connectors.

Make your earth bright with Bright Earth LED Light Bars!

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