Build Tune Race - LT Swapped Mazda RX-2 - Holley LS Fest

By: Ray Frescas | 09/18/2019 < Back to Motor Life Home

It's a passion thing and growing up with my dad drag racing, I guess it all started from a Hot Wheel, from RC cars to real big race cars and everything in between, I guess that's just what we do.

My name is James Schauer, I'm here at LS Fest, it's our first year coming to LS Fest east. Built a different car, figured I would bring it out and show it and have some fun. Colorado is where we live and we drove down, it was a drive for sure but well worth it. I actually have a turbo LS Camaro and did that whole thing and put the Holley EFI in it and then I was like, I want to do something different that I can take to the older car shows, do some of that type of stuff so I built a 1972 Mazda RX-2, it's got a gen 5 L83 in it. It's a streetcar, I just wanted something ultimate, drivable, gets like 27 miles per gallon, it just does really well, we did Rocky Mountain race week, it did 1300 miles in a week, went to four different tracks and it's just been a blast.

I built something that the girlfriend can learn how to drive, make some passes in, learn to stage the car and all that. She's been doing well with it so we've been having a lot of fun, just enjoying the car stuff. Yesterday she ended up going 12.0, we only got one pass in with it, today we're hoping for better and maybe it will go 11.

Growing up with my dad drag racing and just being around. I guess it all started from a Hot Wheel, just playing with them my entire life, it's grown into RC cars to real big race cars and everything in between, I guess that's just what we do, it's an addiction at times and I guess people wonder, like how do you build it or financially afford something when that's it, there's no boat, it's truck, trailer, race car and got to the track and have some fun and that's what it's all about for us.

So Build Tune Race, a lot of the YouTube, Instagram, social media stuff came about and I was like I see other people doing it, I built that Camaro that I talked about earlier and had a lot of people come to me and ask questions. How did you do this? What did you do here? And I was like, you know it would be cool if I had that documented to where I could show people, how can I show people, how could they follow it, how could they learn from what I've done, because with the LS world and boosted and that turbo and everything, so many people wanting to do that, it just got to that point where I was like, it would be cool, maybe I should start making some videos. So I started doing this build and my dad started building a Buick and I was like we're just going to document it, we're going to make videos about it, share it with the world and we made some Holley EFI videos. They come up to me and say, hey man I watched your videos and it's helped me learn some of the Holley stuff and I'm like cool man, that's what it's about, it's what I'm trying to do. 

We got here Thursday, unloaded the cars and we haven't driven the truck and trailer, we drive the cars to and from the hotel, to dinner, talk to people in the parking lots, I'm starting to lose my voice from sitting out in the parking lot and doing stuff like this and just talking about the vehicle and people wondering and asking questions and just enjoying the car stuff, it's been a blast, it's awesome!

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