Car Craft Engine Swap Challenge

By: Bill Tichenor | 05/05/2010 < Back to Motor Life Home
Want a new LS engine for your street machine? This is your chance to win one! Here’s how it works: Two teams of no more than four participants each must swap a running non-LS engine for a LS-engine in the time allotted. The team that completes the swap and drives the car first wins the contest and the new engine. We will supply an area to work, an engine hoist, and the crate engine. Each team must supply their own vehicle, fluids, drain pans, hand tools, and everything else to make the swap happen. No air/power tools will be permitted. Each vehicle must drive under its own power through the front gate and into the ES Challenge area where it will be allowed to cool until Noon on Friday, the official start time. To win the contest, the vehicle must have the engine in the engine bay, it must start using the ignition key, idle, and drive on a predetermined route led by contest officials before Noon on Sunday, September 12, 2010. The winning team drives home with the swapped engine, the losing team can either pay a predetermined fixed price and buy the engine, or swap it out and return it to Holley. The contest is limited to 1955-’97 American rear-wheel-drive cars and trucks only. Car Craft editors will select the two teams and two alternates. Deadline for entries is August, 10, 2010.
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