Choose Your GTO Spark Plug Wires

By: Sean B. | 06/27/2012 < Back to Motor Life Home
ACCEL manufactures several types of spark plug wires for Pontiac GTO applications. For the Judge GTO we offer SuperStock, SuperStock Spiral, 8.8mm and 300+ Race Wire. Our 4000 Series SuperStock wire is a great affordable performance replacement featuring 450° F silicone jacket, conductive high resistance carbon graphite suppression material and a fiberglass and Kevlar stranded inner core. Shop #4043 SuperStock wire for '69 Pontiac GTOs The 5000 series SuperStock Spiral wire bumps up to 550° F silicone jacket and features a heavy gauge stainless steel alloy conductor, carbon graphite semi-reactive element and a fiberglass and Kevlar stranded core, all protected by a high temperature, high durometer silicone insulation. Shop #5043 SuperStock Spiral wire for '69 Pontiac GTOs For extra thick 8.8mm wires, get ACCEL 8800 Series. These wires will virtually eliminate RFI nois and feature extra heavy silicone boots to eliminate electrical leakage and misfire. Shop #8843 8.8mm wire for '69 Pontiac GTOs For race engines and engine builders, ACCEL manufactures its 300+ 8.8mm wires. These over sized wires feature our double silicone construction rated at over 600° F and 60kV. The inner core is all Kevlar coated with a Ferrite RFI suppression element. The conductor is heavy gauge copper-nickel alloy covered by a conductive graphite coating. Shop #7043 300+ 8.8mm Race wire for '69 Pontiac GTOs
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