DiabloSport Launches the new inTune i2 Performance Programmers

By: Dan Dolan | 08/31/2015 < Back to Motor Life Home
DiabloSport’s new inTune i2 is a re-design of their hugely successful inTune product line; it is an upgrade from its predecessor in almost every way. The new inTune has a better touch screen, faster processing speeds, and a completely overhauled user interface. “DiabloSport has always been a name synonymous with performance tuning” said Dan Dolan, Sales & Marketing Manager at DiabloSport, “and the i2 is really going to take the tuning experience to the next level.” The basics of their new inTune i2 are the same as all previous DiabloSport tuners: install aftermarket tunes that make more horsepower. “Our guiding principle,” Dolan said, “is to make it easy for anyone to get the biggest power gains. We created a new tuning mode called ‘Easy Tune’ that gets rid of the guess work.” Easy Tune lets users choose their fuel grade and then adjust parameters like tire size, gears, and speed limiters by answering yes or no questions. Gearheads that customize their ride have options too; “Advanced Tune” mode has a wide variety of tunes and parameters to tweak. The i2 also imports custom tunes that make even the most aggressive vehicle builds run. The i2 can also to put a tune on every supported vehicle in the driveway. “For years, we’ve been asked if it’s possible to tune more than one vehicle at a time, and now we’ve made that reality,” Dolan noted. The i2 has specific part numbers for Chrysler, Ford and GM vehicles, but the vehicle licensing works across all three part numbers. “If you bought an i2 for your Dodge Challenger, but you also want to tune your Ford F150,” Dolan went on, “you can go to our website and purchase a tuning license that unlocks your i2 so it can tune another vehicle.” Vehicle Licenses are available for purchase at about half the price of a new tuner, and the tuner downloads them from the cloud or computer. The OBD-II interface on the device means that it has robust vehicle diagnostic capabilities. “Diagnostics are a huge part of what a tuner is all about,” Dolan said, “we wanted to make sure that the i2’s data logging and code reading functions were rock solid.” The tuner checks and clears codes and does high-speed data logging through the OBD-II connection. It can stream data to a PC using DiabloSport’s free Data Viewer software to see even more performance parameters. “It’s like a window into your ride’s soul,” Dolan suggested. The i2 is also the most connected DiabloSport device ever made. It works with most computers through a USB connection to grab tune files, data logs, and updates. “We have a lot of customers with Mac computers, so we wanted to include them too,” Dolan added. Whether on Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux the i2 automatically communicates with DiabloSport’s servers to download any available updates and tuning licenses. The inTune i2 is sure to re-set the industry standard for handheld tuners. The touch screen alone puts the device a step above similar products, but the inclusion of vehicle licensing, universal computer compatibility, and simplified tuning options puts it squarely in its own realm. Keep an eye out for the DiabloSport inTune i2 in stores starting in October 2015, and in the meantime, find out more by going to
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