Flashcal and Flashpaq for Rubicon 392 Tuning and Calibration


Flashcal and Flashpaq for Rubicon 392 Tuning and Calibration


Performance Tuning for your 2021-2022* Wrangler Rubicon 392


*UPDATE 5/11/2022: The 2022 model year for the Wrangler Rubicon has been added, and all information below applies!

Superchips offers the easiest and most cost-effective solution to your new Jeep Rubicon 392’s performance needs by adding it to Flashpaq’s tuning support. With the ability to add up to 14 HP and 16 ft-lb torque with 93 octane fuel, the Flashpaq has been specifically calibrated to enhance the driving experience in your vehicle with no engine modifications. Flashpaq contains tuning for the engine, as well as all the Quick Options features of Flashcal (listed below). The Flashpaq kit for Jeep JL also includes a PCM Swap, which means the cost of unlocking your vehicle’s PCM is included in the its price.

Tune for Power and Efficiency, On and Off-Road

Whether you’re hitting a trail off-road, looking for better fuel mileage on your daily commute, or simply need a boost to all-out acceleration and performance, Flashpaq has you covered. The device comes preloaded with performance tunes for 93 and 91 octane fuel for the best power and efficiency (MPG), and a 91 octane compatible Crawl Tune. Our purpose-built Crawl tune has a recalibrated throttle curve (controlling the engine response to pedal input) that is linear, for precise modulation while easing over steep obstacles at low speeds.

Expansive Adjustment Options for the whole Jeep

Flashpaq and Flashcal (below) have always had the commonly available adjustable options, like re-calibrating the speedometer for changes to tire size and axle gear ratio. Thanks to advancements to the vehicles themselves, and the extensive research of our calibrators, a host of useful “Quick Options” have been added. Items in the Quick Options list below are available in both Flashpaq and Flashcal, and take seconds to apply because they do not require a reflash of the PCM (engine control module).

Easy Prep for PCM Modification

Tuning any Jeep vehicle built in 2015 or later requires a PCM unlock to allow reading and writing of files, but Superchips has made this step as painless as possible with the included PCM swap. When you take delivery of your new Flashcal kit, submit this form and we will send an unlocked PCM up front for quick installation and no vehicle down time:

PCM Cross Ship

A prepaid return shipping label will be included to send your original PCM back as a core trade-in.

Tuning Specs

Tune NameOctaneHPTQ
Superchips Tune(dyno chart below)931416
Performance 9191811

Optional User Adjustments to engine tuning:

  • Adjustable Rev Limiter, adds +258 RPM to stock setting
  • Speed Limiter Control, Raised
  • Auto start/stop Disable

Speedometer and Accessory Calibration for Rubicon 392


Tire and wheel upgrades are common with Jeep vehicles in general, and Superchips offers the easiest, most cost-effective solution for Wrangler owners to correct a speedometer reading for changes to tire height or axle ratio. The Flashcal plugs into the truck’s diagnostic port and the user only has to input their new tire size and/or gear ratio changes to return the speedometer to an accurate calibration. The adjustment can be completed in minutes, and you’ll rest assured your speedometer and odometer are displaying accurately to keep your time on the highway safe and legal!

In addition to speedometer calibration, Flashcal also offers numerous customizations to your vehicle’s features not typically available to the end user, such as setting the TPMS warning threshold or disabling it altogether for off-road use, customized fog light control, auto start/stop disabler, sway bar system control, and much more.

NOTE: Flashcal does not require a PCM swap or modification. However, a Gateway Bypass Module (included in all kits for this application) must be installed while any adjustment or tuning is being performed on this vehicle.

See Quick Options list below for all available settings on Flashcal.

Quick Options Available on Flashpaq and Flashcal:

  • Engine Idle Up: 700 – 2000 RPM
  • Sway Bar Disconnect in 2Hi (up to 25 MPH)
  • Line Lock- holds brakes on front tires only
  • Rock Lock- holds all 4 wheels with brakes for crawling
  • Axle Gear Calibration: 2.73 – 5.38
  • Tire Size Calibration by height: 25” – 40”
  • Transfer Case Gear ratio calibration: 2.72 – 5.00
  • TPMS Warning Threshold adjust: 22 – 56 psi.
  • TPMS Disable, for aftermarket wheels and no sensors
  • Daytime Running Lights Operation: Always On, Selectable, or No DRL
  • DRL Location Selector: Fog, Fender, Running, High, Low, Turn, or No DRL
  • DRL Dropout Disable, keeps DRL on when using turn signal
  • Fog Lights Dropout Disable, for simultaneous use of high beams and fog lights
  • Halo Lights Enable or Disable
  • One Touch Lane Change Enable, one tap of switch triggers 3 blinks
  • Seat Belt Minder Disable, stops chime
  • Travel Link Weather Warning Disable
  • Splash Screen select: Sport, Sahara, Rubicon
  • Headlight Selector: Standard, LED, Front Turn, Tail Lights, 3rd Brake Light
  • Auto Start/Stop Disable
  • Auxiliary Switches Enable, to add extra factory Aux switches*
  • Blind Spot Detection Disable, or Enable to add if not equipped*
  • Factory Fog Light Switch Enable, adds controls if not equipped*
  • Towing Package Enable, adds controls if not originally equipped*
  • Backup Camera Disable, or Enable to add one if not originally equipped*
  • Cargo Camera Disable, or Enable to add one if not originally equipped*
  • Sway Bar System Disable, for aftermarket or deleted bar*
  • Electronic Steering Pump Disable, for conversion to hydraulic system*
  • Axle Lockers Disable Rear Only, for conversion to manual*
  • Axle Lockers Front & Rear, for conversion to manual*
  • Front Axle Disconnect Disable, for removing electronic system (FAD)*
  • *Our devices reconfigure vehicle controls for this associated change, but additional OEM or aftermarket parts are required to complete the conversion.

Instant Throttle Response on your Jeep Rubicon 392

Amp’D 2.0

A frequent inquiry we get in the field is how to reduce or eliminate the lag in pedal response after certain modifications, like bigger tires. This can often be a complaint with completely unmodified Jeeps!

Superchips Amp’D 2.0L Throttle Sensitivity Booster is easy to install and delivers immediate improvement to the engine’s throttle response. This increased sensitivity optimizes your Wrangler’s driving experience and puts the power to the ground faster! Amp’d 2.0 offers an elegantly simple solution that generates “seat of the pants” response you won’t find anywhere else.

Amp’d 2.0 (5) preset throttle settings that can be switched on the fly, and an intuitive plug-and-play installation to factory connectors without cutting or splicing wires. Settings are adjustable through our wireless switch, or the all-new Amp’d 2.0 smartphone app which includes an option to create custom pedal map curves.

Calibrate & Add Instant Throttle Response Together

Amp’D 2.0 + Flashcal

While Flashpaq does offer solid power improvements, some Rubicon 392 owners wish to tighten up pedal response and recalibrate specific accessories without completely reprograming the engine control. Combining an Amp’D 2.0 Throttle Booster and Flashcal will fill that void, with a relatively small output of money and time.

The pairing of Flashcal and Amp’D 2.0 Throttle Booster make for an easy install, and reward on investment that few other modifications can match.


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