Flowmaster Slimline Sidepipe Style Mufflers

By: Flowmaster | 09/09/2015 < Back to Motor Life Home

Flowmaster introduces its new Slimline sidepipe style mufflers. Intended for Shelby Cobra sidepipe applications, these Laminar Flow technology mufflers can be used in other applications and feature a raw 304S stainless steel case with no logos for a cleaner appearance. The inlet and outlet diameter is 3.50" with a 4.50" body and 24.00" or 30.00" long case. These mufflers offer a quieter alternative to the glasspack style mufflers that are traditionally used in these applications, plus the Cool Shell Technology helps prevent the outside of the muffler case from seeing the extreme temperatures associated with sidepipe applications.

✓ Stainless Steel Construction

✓ Quieter Alternative for Sidepipe Applications

✓ Patented Laminar Flow Technology

✓ Lifetime Limited Warranty

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