Guide to Mr. Gasket Exhaust Gaskets

By: Sean B. | 09/05/2011 < Back to Motor Life Home
Mr. Gasket manufactures exhausts gaskets from a wide variety of materials to fit your specific application. It can be tough selecting the material that meets your needs, so we've put together some pointers. Our entry level Performance material exhaust gasket (white) is manufactured from a high-temperature acrylic blend. This material can be trimmed for modified port applications that deviate from OEM port dimensions. They provide excellent sealing and durability at an affordable price. Choose Ultra-Seal for even more heat resistance and thermal conductivity. These gaskets feature a graphite face for high heat applications and a steel core for maximum torque retention. Ultra-Seal material is high recovery which allows the header or manifold flange to stay sealed if flange joint loses the recommended clamp-load. The graphite face and proprietary coating allows gasket to release easier with less sticking and be re-used if engine is disassembled. Can be trimmed if necessary for modified port applications. CopperSEAL exhaust gaskets were created for intense heat applications such as turbo charged engines. "Dead soft" (solid) .043" thick copper conforms to seal minor irregularities. Unlike the Performance and Ultra-Seal materials, our copper gaskets feature a .051" embossment around each exhaust port (total gasket thickness .094") to complete its excellent sealing performance. For warped flanges and high heat resistance, use our ultra-thick Aluminum Layered exhaust gaskets. These high performance exhaust gaskets are manufactured from "dead soft" aluminum layers totaling .125" thick. Compression to .060" thickness, translates to a tight leak-proof seal. This material is great for sealing exhaust manifolds with intense surface irregularities. For high horsepower, high compression turbo-charged, supercharged and nitrous oxide injected engines, we recommend our Multi-Layered Steel (MLS) exhaust gaskets. Three stainless steel layers total (total gasket thickness .075") provide the maximum seal in extreme exhaust pressures. These gaskets can be re-used after engine work because of the stress formed inner and outer layer embossment recovery after removal, which means these are great gaskets for racing applications including strip and circle track. MLS exhaust gaskets won't burn or blow out and maintain maximum fastener torque retention.
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