Holley Announces Revolutionary HydraMat™ Fuel Reservoir Systems

By: Alex Healey | 06/30/2015 < Back to Motor Life Home
Holley debuted the HydraMat™ at the 2014 Performance Racing Industry (PRI) show where it received an overwhelmingly positive response from attendees. Since then Holley has kept relatively quiet, but the time has finally come and Holley Performance Products is proud to officially introduce the much anticipated HydraMat. The HydraMat is a patent-pending fuel reservoir system designed to reduce fuel starvation issues present in hard cornering, acceleration, stopping, inclines, and low fuel conditions. It is in these situations that traditional fuel pickups can be starved of fuel, which then introduces air into the fuel system resulting in poor engine performance and even engine stalling. Surface tension and fluid wicking are the secrets of the HydraMat’s amazing ability to draw fuel from nearly any area that has contact with fuel and store in its internal reservoir. As an area of the HydraMat is uncovered, the tiny pores of the media seal off through surface tension, forcing fuel to be contained in the internal reservoir and drawn from other areas of the mat where fuel continues to be available. The sheer size and coverage area of the HydraMat allows it to pull fuel from virtually any area in the tank or cell eliminating the need for specialty reservoirs and pick up pumps saving cost and greatly reducing complexity. The HydraMat is available in various sizes and shapes to fit a variety of stock fuel tanks and/or race fuel cells. The HydraMat was proven after undergoing rigorous testing in the ARCA stock car racing series, and has become a spec part for fuel injected cars in the series. Square, rectangular, and “X” shaped mats are available to provide easy installation through various sending unit access holes or fuel cell cover plates. Retrofit devices will be available for stock tank vehicles to ease installation of aftermarket EFI retrofit kits like the Holley Terminator EFI System. The individual product text and high-resolution images can be found on the individual product pages HERE. Click below to watch the video Technical Information How to choose a HydraMat HydraMat installation instructions View the catalog Media Information High-res photos and individual product information The HydraMat logo
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