Holley Carbureted Diecast In-tank Fuel Pump Modules

By: Ray Frescas | 09/20/2019 < Back to Motor Life Home

Holleys red and blue fuel pumps have been the fuel delivery standard for carbureted engines for decades. And while they’re a bit on the loud side, they perform great. With the evolution of fuel pumps, Holleys red and blue pumps have taken a backseat to the capabilities that only an in-tank pump module can deliver. Holley latest retrofit in-tank fuel pump modules are designed specifically for carbureted applications. They are very similar to the existing EFI fuel pump modules, also using a 255 liter per hour pump, but these also include a built-in regulator for lower fuel pressure that carburetor applications require.

Now you can convert your factory tank or fuel cell to an in-tank fuel system quickly and easily. Holley's Fuel tank modules install with basic tools and require no welding or fabrication. The die cast pump hanger has a unique clamping system that also doubles as a damper to control pump vibration. Once installed, simply hookup your fuel lines and your power source/ground and your done!

One great feature about this fuel pump module is should you decide to upgrade to EFI down the line, you can upgrade the built-in regulator. The 255 liter per hour pump will supply up to 550 horsepower in an EFI application! So there is no need to swap pumps.

A 15 micron pre filter attaches directly to the fuel pump. Fuel pressure is regulated internally with the built-in regulator and preset at 6psi, which will support up to 700 carbureted horsepower. No need to plumb a return line, the return fuel in handled all inside the tank! Installation is simple and straight forward. We recommend the use of a 30 amp relay (Holley part # 12-753) and that you use a minimum of 12ga wire to supply the power to your pump.

Holley’s In-tank carbureted fuel pump modules are ideal for use with any carbureted vehicle. Upgrade your vehicle and bring it back to the future, the easy way, with an In-tank fuel tank module from Holley designed for carburetors. Learn more at

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