Holley Carburetor Installation and Tuning DVD!

By: Bill Tichenor | 12/20/2006 < Back to Motor Life Home
Holley, the leader in performance carburetors and fuel systems, is proud to introduce their interactive carburetor installation and Tuning DVD. Holley’s interactive installation and tuning DVD is the first of its kind, setting a new standard for product installation videos. You will literally become a Holley carburetor expert overnight watching this DVD. Everything you would want to know about Holley Model’s 4160, 4150, 4165 and 4175 carburetors is now rolled into a single. Watch as the DVD takes you on a 3D exploded and animated tour of each carburetor and the parts that make a Holley a Holley. Next the DVD walks you through removing your old carburetor and installing your new Holley carburetor. The DVD covers Chevy, Ford and Chrysler installations addressing linkages, transmission types, transmission kick-downs, AC kick-up, cruise controls, intake manifold types, fuel line connections, vacuum connections, choke types, choke connections, and a quick start tuning guide. Further info the DVD you will find a bonus section that will answer you’re more advanced tuning and trouble questions you may have about Holley carburetors, product registration, bonus installation clips and warranty info. Starting in December of 2006 Holley will be including this DVD with every carburetor that comes off the assembly line. Beware there may be thousands of carburetors already in distribution that do not contain a DVD. If you already own a Holley and want the latest and greatest technical information on your Holley the video can be purchased from your Holley Dealer, just ask for P/N 36-378. For more information contact Holley, P.O. Box 10360, Bowling Green, KY. 42102, Telephone 270-782-2900. For nearest dealer: 1-800-HOLLEY-1. Or visit us on the web:
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