Holley EFI 12.3" Pro Dash

By: Jeremy Stoermer | 01/15/2019 < Back to Motor Life Home

Sema’s Best engineered product just got bigger and better! Holley’s large 12.3” Pro Dash allows you to monitor engine parameters at a glance and custom tune with your finger tips. There’s even a virtual switch panel to control your accessories. The Pro Dash is a must have for any Holley EFI system.

Holley EFI’s pro dash is a full color capacitive touch screen, just like your smart phone, making it even easier to use.  risp 1280x480 resolution and features like manual and auto brightening, ensures that your information stays visible, no matter what your driving conditions include.

The pro dashes black powder-coated aluminum housing is weather resistant and can take some severe abuse. It’s perfect for use in everything from an Ultra 4 racer to a show car. Multiple mounting options ensure that your Pro Dash will be secure and visible no matter what you might be installing it in. And a full scale mounting template helps speed up the installation and prevents costly mistakes.

The Holley EFI Pro Dash comes preconfigured with 10 gauge screens that can be programmed and are fully customizable to your personal preferences using any of the 16 background skins, or import your own custom layout. The gauge and indicator screens can be customized to display any of the 238 monitorable values such as TPS/RPM/Boost, or any other parameter that you may want to keep tabs on. If you’re serious about racing, set up multiple screens so you can switch back and forth between tune, warm-up, race, or driving layouts as needed. 

Activating the user defined channel alarms and warning lights can alert you to potential problems while you keep your eyes on the road. Protecting your investment and preventing catastrophic damage, before it’s too late.


Holley’s Pro Dash features an easy to use virtual switch panel, eliminating the for dash mounted switches. A progressive shift light and multi-configuration light bar can be added to gauge screens to help keep tabs on your engines rpms. The Pro Dash’s included GPS module provides satellite accuracy and puts the convenience of a speedometer and odometer in any vehicle whether you’re on land or water! 

CAN BUS technology makes connecting to any of our EFI systems as simple as plug and play. Use of the included adapter harness may be necessary for compatibility with some older EFI harnesses. Additional CAN/BUS extensions are available separately from our website. 

The included 34 pin wiring harness contains power, ground and CANbus connections. The user can then add wiring to utilize a multitude of inputs and outputs. 2 dedicated speed inputs let you monitor engine rpms, and drive shaft speed or any other speed input. There are 4 switched ground inputs as well as 4 switched ground outputs for controlling your accessories. And 13 multi-configurable inputs allow you to connect to many Holley pressure and temperature sensors, as well allowing the ability to input a calibration from just about any sensor. Harness P#558-446 is available from Holley, this includes 2 and 3 conductor cables, as well as single wires to utilize all the I/O the dash has to offer. But since the wiring harness included with the Pro Dash utilizes Tyco pins just like our HP and Dominator ECUs do, you can reuse any terminals and wires that you may have left-over from one of those kits.  

You’re in full control and have the capability to play-back any of your EFI data logs instantly, right from the convenient touchscreen. Use the external USB port to download and save important data logs to the included USB memory stick or expand the Internal memory with the use of a micro SD card. 

Our quick start instruction guide and full scale mounting template helps get you up and going quick and we even included a microfiber cleaning cloth. And you’ll get Holley’s unsurpassed tech support and free software upgrades directly from the Holley web site.

Holley’s 12.3” Pro dash puts the power of your EFI system right at your finger tips! 

To learn more about the Pro Dash or any of our other gauge monitoring systems visit our website at

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